Must Have Dating Tips: Have an Accountability Partner

Most people, when trying to achieve a goal such as losing weight or finding a new job, find that they are more successful when they have the support of someone they trust: a friend or a family (or a coach or counselor).  This person keeps us accountable for staying on track and cheers us on […]

Tips for Dating: Find Love with a Dating Plan

Fall is upon us, which means that the Holidays are just around the corner. For those who are single, it can be a lonely time of year. But it doesn’t have to be! A tip for dating is to take the time to put a dating plan into action so that you can be successful in your quest for love.

Should you Outsource Your Internet Dating Activities?

Some recent articles have come out about companies that help busy daters (mainly guys) to outsource their online dating efforts.   Even though I was interviewed for the Washington Post article, I was not quoted.  When asked, “What do I think about this practice?” I answered, ”I think it’s awful! “  Most women I talked to […]

Is Internet Dating Safe?

One of my clients asked, “Is Online dating safe? “  My answer is, “It depends on which site you are on and on your screening process.”  There are many tips for dating safe that I give in my internet dating classes. One is to trust your gut- if it doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t. […]

Coach Amy’s 5 Top Internet Dating Profile Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Recently The Washington Post had an article on how dating online is a better way to meet a serious romantic partner than some other past traditional ways. My advice for dating includes the participation in online dating as any total dating strategy.  I do have some dating tips for men and women on how to […]