Author: Coach Amy

UNLESS You Do These 7 Things, Finding True Love Is Difficult

Man who is holding a bouquet of broken roses and finding true love difficult.

Falling in love is magical, euphoric, and a thousand other good things. When it happens, it seems like destiny — easy, uncomplicated, always meant to be. And yet, finding true love is difficult for so many singles. How is that

What To Do When You Believe You Can’t Find True Love

Woman with a frustrated expression holding her hands up and shrugging her shoulders.

Remember the Beatles’ song All You Need Is Love? While it was written as a message of global love, it also speaks to the yearning of so many searching for romantic love. When you can’t find true love, the one

What Dating During COVID-19 Is Like Now That The Vaccine Is Available

Man and woman on a virtual date during COVID.

Checking boxes on dating apps used to be a simple revelation of generic interests. Coffee shops, bookstores, art museums, wine tastings, volunteering, working out. But then a pandemic changed everything – especially personal contact. And that meant dating, too. Now,

Things That Change For Men Dating Over 40

Over 40 man giving beautiful red roses to his date.

Hitting the big 4-0 comes with a predictable ensemble of life changes — some gratifying, some more like rude awakenings. If you’ve crossed that threshold and are still single, you know that dating over 40 fits that description. While some

Why It Matters That I’m A Certified Professional Life Coach

Woman searching online for a certified professional life coach.

Every decade seems to come with its own branding. Post-Baby Boomer generations are named with letters. Job descriptions are re-packaged, re-branded, and re-named. And entrepreneurial businesses, like that of a certified professional life coach, trend according to the interests and