If finding love is your goal, Coach Amy can help. She has helped hundreds of clients to find their true love. So, she can absolutely help you too. Here are just a handful of her clients who were successful at finding love.

To learn how Amy can help you on your journey, send her a quick note to set up a call and explore your dating needs/desires, and wishes!

“I’m happy to say that I’ve found my ideal partner (now my wife) with the help of Coach Amy within 4 months of our coaching relationship! Amy is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to assist me in prioritizing my values and life goals was unparalleled, and it is because of her system thru worksheets I was able to succeed in my personal and business life. Her advice and personal experiences brought a connection that inspired me to work towards my goals. Coach Amy has my highest recommendation.”
M.S. (Engaged April 2020- Married April 2021)

“Having immersed myself in attaining my career goals, when I turned 40, I came to a sudden realization that my soul mate was still out there and time was running out. However, I felt stuck and a lack of clarity on the next steps.

Then hired Coach Amy and with the proper encouragement, I was able to stay on course toward my pursuit of finding my special someone. With the proper knowledge and well-defined planning the Motivated to Marry coaching provided me, I achieved greater clarity on the steps I needed to take to decide who was the right partner for me.

I tried online dating with Amy’s coaching assistance and met my husband. He saw my profile that Coach Amy helped me write. And he had just been online for only one day! It all seems like a fairytale!

We’ve been happily married for seven years and cannot imagine the life without my loving husband!”

“Working with Coach Amy changed my dating mindset, I dated so many Mr. Right-Nows that I was getting them confused when I was ready to find my Mr. Right- Forever.  Coach Amy helped me to look for the things that I valued in the relationship instead of things I was settling for in a relationship.” Karen (Married)

“I just got married and this has been the best relationship I’ve ever had. All the work I did with your worksheets was absolutely invaluable. I cannot believe what a huge help it made to be focused in the way you guided I think some of this wonderful luck is really getting grounded via the exercises you gave us in identifying our own values. In my other relationships, I can see I treated some values as negotiable when they were not, and once I understood that, it made it very easy to stay focused before getting too attached. Thank you sooooo much, Amy!”
Holly (early 40’s Married)

“It was important for me to have a clarifying list based upon my values, life goals and my non-negotiables as I was dating. I had wasted too much time with men that had deal-breaker items, but I still thought it would work out. Coach Amy’s coaching program helped me focus and say ‘no’ sooner before feelings were involved. She also teaches you how to overcome the negative voices to allow yourself to believe that your special someone is out there. I met my husband a couple of months after the program. I am so glad that I did the work on myself with your program to make sure that I was ready when I met Mr. Wonderful and to have a healthy relationship and marriage.
— Allison (Married)


“Your coaching has benefitted me in so many ways. I have a new work situation that is more aligned with my values and I’m in a relationship with an amazing guy! Thank you so much.”
— Rachel (Married)


“Coach Amy really helped me pull things together with my dating process and then to move me in the right direction. Together, we are having the time of our life!”
— Jack (Married)





“Amy is such a treasure in this area. I highly recommend to anyone her help and services.”
— Whitney, 31 yo, Baltimore, MD



 Now I know what I want in a dating relationship. My dates are more productive and fun. I am no longer wasting time. I couldn’t have done it without Amy.”

  — Michele 37, Gaithersburg, MD (Married)



When I started working with Coach Amy, I was dating women that weren’t right for me. I thought that I could never find an unmarried woman in my age group (40s) that could be my partner. Thanks to Coach Amy, I learned to refine my online dating search to reflect my values and goals. As a result, I met my wife and we have been happily married for over seven years and counting!”

Stuart (Married)


“Amy’s impactful questions dramatically shifted my perspective on marriage and the type of man that would truly make me happy.  This process opened me up to meeting my husband.”

— Robin, Bethesda, MD (Married)





“The life coaching has been very valuable and informative to me.  Amy focused me on the areas of my life that needed improvement and gave me the tools to reinforce that focus.  Together we came up with creative solutions to problems and strategies to accomplish my goals.  I highly recommend Amy for anyone who feels frustrated with the dating world.”

Stewart 44, New York, NY (Married)


“I worked with Amy on relationships and finding my life partner.  Our work helped me clarify my values, question my assumptions, and break me out of many ruts that I had allowed myself to get stuck inside.  She was also instrumental in helping to clarify my career goals and job searching needs as well.  I have recommended her services to many of my friends who could use her guidance, insight, and support.”

Nate, 40, Arlington, VA (Married)


“Amy is a straight shooter, who can help guide you through the process of deciding what is most important to you to achieve your relationship goals and dreams.”

Marc, 39, Falls Church, VA (Married in 2011)


Each of these couples used Coach Amy’s proven Motivated to Marry process for finding love. Imagine finding your true love just like these couples. If that’s what you truly want, it’s time to contact Coach Amy.

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  1. Thanks Justin! I’m glad that my content has served you. I have so much more to offer in my coaching programs. And, once you get engaged, that’s the beginning of the journey. I support newly formed couples and individuals to make sure that they actually have the tools and know how to have the relationship thrive AFTER the wedding. And to help my clients build a strong bond that will withstand conflict and other outside pressures. Let me know if I can help!

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