The Pros and Cons Of Meetup Dating

Group having a meal together and exploring the pros and cons of meetup dating.

Modern-day dating can seem more like job-hunting in a competitive market than simply falling into love by chance. You have to work at it, put yourself out there, and diversify your approach. It takes effort. Online dating has finally taken over as the top way couples are meeting — outperforming the “family and friends” plan. But there are still plenty of ways to meet “the one,” especially for marriage-minded people. And Meetup dating is one of those ways.

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Wondering, ‘Will I Ever Meet Someone?’ Here’s What You Need To Be Thinking About Instead

Woman sitting by herself wondering, "Will I ever meet someone?"

Finding love can be difficult enough without the expectations of family, friends, and social media chiming in, “Are you dating anyone?” or “When are you planning to settle down?” And if outside input isn’t enough, you’re likely to be thinking. “Will I ever meet someone? Or Am I just not cut out for a relationship?  And Why is it taking so long?”

The famous psychologist Erik Erikson maintained that one’s personality develops through eight predictable stages, each involving a psychosocial crisis. Successful completion of each stage leads to the development of a healthy personality and basic virtues.

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Where To Find Quality Marriage-Minded Singles Today

Cute loving couple sharing a moment because they each knew where to find quality marriage minded singles.

The dating world’s never been more varied in what people are looking for in a life partner. It’s also never been more available to those who are looking for love. But marriage-minded singles don’t always find dating to be easy. They are, after all, looking for partners worthy of permanence. They’re not looking for a good time tonight; they’re looking for a great life forever.

One of the difficulties for marriage-minded people is knowing where to meet similarly minded prospects. If you’re in this special group of singles, you know how valuable your time is. And you don’t want to waste it in places where singles don’t have the same intentions as you.

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4 Tips For Navigating Each Stage Of Love So You Can Live Happily Ever After

A happy couple hugging because they know the secret to navigating each stage of love.

What stage are you in?

We know that true love can change over time, even in healthy relationships. Communication styles and circumstances are unique to every relationship, and yet the stages of love are still predictable.

Unfortunately, too many couples are frightened by the changes in their love life and give up early in the love stages.

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Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Dating Coach For Over-50-Year-Old Singles

Sunset silhouetting a couple kissing because they chose to use a dating coach for over 50 singles and found each other.

If we’re being honest here, we’d all have to admit to a time in our lives when we thought 50 was old. Or perhaps we think that dating after 50 just couldn’t happen. But those who have crossed that landmark age know they still have many more years to enjoy as active and vibrant individuals. And having a companion becomes more of a priority for many over-50-year-old singles.  Moreover, many consider hiring a dating coach for over 50 singles to help them find that special person.

Even though overall divorce rates have been on the decline, divorce rates among those over 55 have actually gone the other direction. And, while many of those who go through a “gray divorce” are happy to embrace singlehood, many still want to be in a loving relationship for this special time in their lives. And many are among the marriage-minded people who still see “forever” with the right person as something they want.

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