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Silhouette of a couple watching fireworks in the sky who are no longer single on the Fourth of July.

How To Cope With Being Single On The Fourth Of July While Still Having Fun!

By Coach Amy | July 3, 2024

​I remember when I had turned 40 and I had no man in my life during the July 4th holiday weekend. That must have had been the roughest holiday weekend for me. I am a woman who likes to have plans and desires to be with people. So I did what any industrious person would do…

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A concerned woman considering why her relationship doesn't feel right. She is looking away and sitting with her back to her uninterested-looking partner.

What To Do When A Relationship Doesn’t Feel Right

By Coach Amy | June 27, 2024

Does this sound familiar? You jump into a relationship too quickly only to find that the relationship doesn’t feel right.Or […]

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A group of professionally dressed Life and Relationship Coaches sitting in a circle, smiling and discussing training and ideas.

Why I Trained to Join the Ranks of Certified Professional Life and Relationship Coaches

By Coach Amy | June 20, 2024

Isn’t it always great to hear an origin story? How someone ended up with that special person, or doing the […]

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Frustrated man looking at cellphone wondering "Is online dating a waste of time?"

Is Online Dating A Waste Of Time For You? 7 Ways To Turn It Around!

By Coach Amy | June 13, 2024

When my clients come to coaching, they are usually frustrated with dating and with not having had any luck finding […]

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A confused-looking man proposing to a skeptical woman who is wondering what to do when a guy talks about marriage too soon!

What To Do When A Guy Talks About Marriage Too Soon

By Coach Amy | June 6, 2024

In a recent Motivated to Marry Coaching Club session, one of the topics that came up is what to do […]

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A curly-haired woman looking skeptically at her cell phone as she considers finding the right match.

The Dos and Don’ts of Finding the Right Match

By Coach Amy | May 30, 2024

Finding the right match in the dating world can be a challenging journey filled with highs and lows. As a […]

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A group of people, including marriage-minded men, happily volunteer to pack meal kits.

How To Identify Marriage-Minded Men

By Coach Amy | May 23, 2024

“Where are all the marriage-minded men? Do they even exist?” These are the laments I hear from many of my […]

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Joyful couple sitting outside and smiling at each other, no longer wondering: "How do you know you've found the one?"

How Do You Know You’ve Found The One? Here Are 7 Signs!

By Coach Amy | May 16, 2024

The quest to find true love can be both exhilarating and daunting. Between figuring out how to meet someone, to […]

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A sad woman with crossed arms in a coffee shop near other happy people thinking "I'll never find true love".

If You’re Telling Yourself, “I’ll Never Find True Love”, Here’s How To Stay Hopeful.

By Coach Amy | May 9, 2024

When searching for true love, the most important thing for success is believing it can happen. If you’re telling yourself, […]

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