What Dating During COVID-19 Is Like Now That The Vaccine Is Available

Man and woman on a virtual date during COVID.

Checking boxes on dating apps used to be a simple revelation of generic interests. Coffee shops, bookstores, art museums, wine tastings, volunteering, working out. But then a pandemic changed everything – especially personal contact. And that meant dating, too. Now, in an effort to preserve dating during COVID-19, there’s a new box theme: vaccination.

I have to admit, singles have been really creative during the COVID pandemic. They’ve used technology and social distancing to their advantage, using them as tools to get to know each other in meaningful ways.

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Things That Change For Men Dating Over 40

Over 40 man giving beautiful red roses to his date.

Hitting the big 4-0 comes with a predictable ensemble of life changes — some gratifying, some more like rude awakenings. If you’ve crossed that threshold and are still single, you know that dating over 40 fits that description.

While some aspects of finding true love have no gender preference, others do show some preferential treatment. And those differences are often more dramatic as singles approach midlife.

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Why It Matters That I’m A Certified Professional Life Coach

Woman searching online for a certified professional life coach.

Every decade seems to come with its own branding. Post-Baby Boomer generations are named with letters. Job descriptions are re-packaged, re-branded, and re-named. And entrepreneurial businesses, like that of a certified professional life coach, trend according to the interests and predicted needs of the moment.

It was only a couple of decades ago, for example, when online dating was a virtual unknown.

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How To Be More Romantic & Make This A Valentine’s Day To Remember

Couple having a romantic dinner.

No one does romance like Hollywood. Even predictable plots with unrealistic but feel-good endings keep us sighing, swooning, laughing…and wanting more. And what woman hasn’t dragged her significant other to the latest romance flick in hopes he will learn how to be more romantic himself?

It’s a built-in magnet of sorts, this yearning for love and its mesmerizing, hypnotizing, invigorating accomplice we call romance.

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Move On From Your Past And Look To Your Future!

Couple riding bikes and holding hands at sunset.

Your past is your past. There’s not much you or anyone else, can do about it.

Perhaps you feel you’ve made some poor choices in life partners and people you’ve dated.

Maybe you’re hanging on to some past emotional baggage.

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