13 Fun Low-Budget Date Ideas: Creating Closeness In A Time Of Distance

Couple going for a hike as a low-budget date.

So, you want to keep your dating life alive, but the global pandemic has changed more than a few things. Not only do you have to figure out ways to create closeness from a distance, but you may be money-conscious, too. And, you don’t want to appear broke or stingy, but you desperately need low-budget date ideas.

Most people around the globe are feeling the uncertainty of the times. There are those who are out of work entirely and may be collecting unemployment for the first time. Many who are used to living comfortably are having to pull from savings or retirement funds.

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Afraid To Love Again? Don’t Throw In The Towel Yet.

Woman with an incredulous expression.

Everyone experiences the dark side of love at some point. It might be an unexpected breakup or infidelity or a partner who has misrepresented who s/he is. The point is, the process of finding true love isn’t always a slam dunk. And, the more you’ve been hurt or disappointed, the more you may be afraid to love again.

It’s natural to want to steer clear of people and things that hurt you. But it’s not necessary to give up on a great relationship out of fear.

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True Love After Divorce: Is It Possible?

Coach Amy found true love after divorce.

I thought it would last forever. “Happily ever after…the first time around” is the ending of every wedding fairytale, right? But that’s not the way things went. And watching my marriage bubble get busted left me wondering if I could ever find true love after divorce.

I was 36. I had known my (then) husband for over 16 years. He had been an important part of my world for over a third of my life. And suddenly everything was just…gone. I was divorced, alone, marked (or so I believed) by my failure at marriage.

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Is Your Heart Really Open To Love?

Woman on a virtual date hoping this man is open to love.

These are unusual times, to be sure. Everything seems to be on pause. Many people don’t know when or where they are returning to work. And even singles open to love aren’t sure how to pursue it.

Even though life as we’ve known it seems to be changing, many people are making good use of this time. They’re learning new skills, spending more time with family, and focusing on things that really matter.

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Can You Really Find Love Online With All This Social Distancing?

Man serenading his virtual date in his quest to find love online.

No doubt about it — we’re living in strange times! Who would have ever imagined that a divided world would be united by a common (and invisible) enemy? Suddenly everything seems more difficult and out-of-reach. And, for single, marriage-minded people, the hope to find love — let alone to find love online — can seem “non-essential”…even impossible.

But, if there is anything we are learning during this time of social distancing, it’s what is truly essential.

We are also learning just how creative and resourceful we are. We’re more aware of what truly matters. We’re more present to those we love. And we’re figuring out ways to help each other get essential needs met.
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