Want To Find True Love? Sync Your Dating Life And Real Life

Diagram for wheel of life exercise.

So, there’s your real life, and then there’s your dating life. Are they aligned or far apart?

Unfortunately, too many people embark on dating with this mindset. “I’ll just keep doing xyz, which, truthfully, doesn’t really leave a lot of extra time or room for someone else. And I’ll just find a way to throw dating into the mix. After all, it’s just ‘dating.’ I shouldn’t have to change my life for that.”

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9 Signs You’re Ready To Start Dating Again After A Breakup

Couple enjoying a coffee date because they're both ready to start dating again.

If you’re worried about what it’s going to be like dating after a breakup, that’s a normal feeling. But dating should be a fun and happy experience.

Finding true love after a breakup might seem intimidating or even impossible, but when you’re truly ready to start seeing people again, you’ll have no need to worry.

Are you ready to start dating again after a breakup?

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Social Distancing and Dating: Creating Lasting Connections During The Pandemic

Woman having a video date because she's learned how to make social distancing and dating work.

Recently I asked my followers on my personal Facebook page and in the Motivated To Marry Singles Private Facebook Group a simple, straightforward question: Can You Meet Your True Love during the Pandemic? The obvious challenges of social distancing and dating inspired both positive and not-so-hopeful responses.

As you can probably guess, my belief is 100% on the positive end. I believe you can connect with your true love during this strange time of social distancing. And dating can take on a new, creative definition that can actually strengthen your budding relationship.

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13 Fun Low-Budget Date Ideas: Creating Closeness In A Time Of Distance

Couple going for a hike as a low-budget date.

So, you want to keep your dating life alive, but the global pandemic has changed more than a few things. Not only do you have to figure out ways to create closeness from a distance, but you may be money-conscious, too. And, you don’t want to appear broke or stingy, but you desperately need low-budget date ideas.

Most people around the globe are feeling the uncertainty of the times. There are those who are out of work entirely and may be collecting unemployment for the first time. Many who are used to living comfortably are having to pull from savings or retirement funds.

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Afraid To Love Again? Don’t Throw In The Towel Yet.

Woman with an incredulous expression.

Everyone experiences the dark side of love at some point. It might be an unexpected breakup or infidelity or a partner who has misrepresented who s/he is. The point is, the process of finding true love isn’t always a slam dunk. And, the more you’ve been hurt or disappointed, the more you may be afraid to love again.

It’s natural to want to steer clear of people and things that hurt you. But it’s not necessary to give up on a great relationship out of fear.

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