7 Interesting Get-To-Know-You Questions To Ask A Woman On A First Date (That Reveal If She’s Marriage Material)

Couple on a first date over coffee.

As an active and accomplished man who is ready to settle down, you don’t want to waste your time dating women that you have no long-term relationship compatibility with. You’ll want to be selective about who you spend your precious time with, which is why it’s important to be able to tell quickly if a woman is marriage material or not.

Believe it or not, you can tell a whole lot about a girl on a first date. And there’s a way you can find out if it’s worth exploring a relationship with her or if you’re just wasting your time.

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What Does A Dating Coach Do & Why You Need One If You’re Marriage-Minded

Women sitting in a comfortable room discussing what does a dating coach do.

If you’re single, marriage-minded, and trying to tackle the dating world on your own, you may wonder, “What does a dating coach do? And could I have better success in dating if I had one?”

Perhaps you’ve been relying on “old-school” ways of meeting the love of your life. After all, 39% of people in relationships meet their partners through friends. Another 15% meet at work, and another 12% meet just by going out to bars and other social venues.

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Relationship Advice For New Couples Who Are Marriage-Minded

Happy couple who followed the best relationship advice for new couples from Coach Amy.

Relationships have so many stages. We all know this. And yet, we tend to give more energy to the euphoric ‘honeymoon phase’ because it is so, well, euphoric. The best relationship advice for new couples takes this exciting time into account but also prepares new, marriage-minded couples for a long-term path to eternal happiness.

It’s easy to focus on the wonderful feelings that come with being in a new relationship. Everything feels easy and somehow possible.

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Dating Advice For Widowers Who Are Looking For A Real Relationship

Happy couple who met because he followed this dating advice for widowers looking out over the ocean.

Anyone who has lost a spouse to death knows how the healing process is mixed with many emotions. For many, the experience is like losing a part of one’s own identity. Providing dating advice for widowers is an especially delicate task because the widower’s feelings are often complicated. He wants to experience love and companionship, however still feels loyalty to his late wife. This is true for widows as well.

However when compared to widows, however, widowers appear to be much quicker to remarry. A timeframe identified in the 1930’s is still the accepted average today. From the time of the late wife’s death to the time of the widower’s next marriage, the average length of time is two-and-a-half years.  I have witnessed this with my own clients.

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Can You Find True Love After Divorce? Yes, Here’s How

Can you find true love after divorce? This happy couple knows that you can.

The most difficult part of divorce is wondering, “Can you find true love after divorce?” The truthful “yes” to that question may not be obvious if you are newly divorced and wondering what just happened to your life.  And I will show you why it’s still “yes.”

As a dating coach, I work with all kinds of people who have been through all kinds of life experiences. Some are young and have never been married. Some are older and have never been married (and wonder if it is too late for them). And, some have had long marriages, filled with children and plans for the future.

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