True Love After Divorce: Is It Possible?

Coach Amy found true love after divorce.

I thought it would last forever. “Happily ever after…the first time around” is the ending of every wedding fairytale, right? But that’s not the way things went. And watching my marriage bubble get busted left me wondering if I could ever find true love after divorce.

I was 36. I had known my (then) husband for over 16 years. He had been an important part of my world for over a third of my life. And suddenly everything was just…gone. I was divorced, alone, marked (or so I believed) by my failure at marriage.

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Is Your Heart Really Open To Love?

Woman on a virtual date hoping this man is open to love.

These are unusual times, to be sure. Everything seems to be on pause. Many people don’t know when or where they are returning to work. And even singles open to love aren’t sure how to pursue it.

Even though life as we’ve known it seems to be changing, many people are making good use of this time. They’re learning new skills, spending more time with family, and focusing on things that really matter.

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Can You Really Find Love Online With All This Social Distancing?

Man serenading his virtual date in his quest to find love online.

No doubt about it — we’re living in strange times! Who would have ever imagined that a divided world would be united by a common (and invisible) enemy? Suddenly everything seems more difficult and out-of-reach. And, for single, marriage-minded people, the hope to find love — let alone to find love online — can seem “non-essential”…even impossible.

But, if there is anything we are learning during this time of social distancing, it’s what is truly essential.

We are also learning just how creative and resourceful we are. We’re more aware of what truly matters. We’re more present to those we love. And we’re figuring out ways to help each other get essential needs met.
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Over 40: How Long To Date Before Marriage?

Over 40 couple with their dog and wondering how long to date before marriage.

For singles who are motivated to marry, dating isn’t a pastime. It takes on a strategy and focus on your goals. Granted, you’re not trying to rush down the aisle or marry the first good-enough prospect that comes along. But you’re also not willing to waste your time in a relationship that’s not going anywhere. And if you’re over 40, how long to date before marriage is an even bigger consideration than it is for 20- and 30-somethings.

As a dating coach, I work with clients across the dating spectrum. Many are in their late 20’s and 30’s and are looking for their first-and-only fairytale wedding and happily-ever-after.

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What Every Guy Needs To Know About Dating Women Over 35

Over 35-year-old couple sitting with coffee and dessert enjoying their date.

Mars and Venus are millions of miles apart in our solar system. But when it comes to finding true love here on Earth, we expect human beings to find a way to come together. And not just come together, but stay together. Easy enough for some, perhaps, but factors like age and timing can be hurdles for others. Consider the challenges for guys dating women over 35….

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