What Every Guy Needs To Know About Dating Women Over 35

Over 35-year-old couple sitting with coffee and dessert enjoying their date.

Mars and Venus are millions of miles apart in our solar system. But when it comes to finding true love here on Earth, we expect human beings to find a way to come together. And not just come together, but stay together. Easy enough for some, perhaps, but factors like age and timing can be hurdles for others. Consider the challenges for guys dating women over 35….

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Relationship Advice: When To Call It Quits

Couple at dinner who need relationship advice because they're ignoring each other.

When a client comes to me for coaching, ‘How to find love and make a relationship grow’ aren’t the only kinds of relationship advice they seek. When to call it quits is (unfortunately) also a necessary topic to explore.

Knowing how long to stay and when to go is a statement of self-respect and personal limits. You do have to know yourself well and be uncompromising in your personal accountability. That’s foundational to any relationship advice I offer.

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How To Know If You Really Want to Get Married Again

Happy couple cuddling while he secretly wonders if he wants to get married again.

If you’ve gone through a divorce — and even if you’ve been widowed — you may have a desire to get married again. Being part of a couple just feels “right” to some people. And seeking love and partnership is a natural extension of the human yearning to be connected with a partner.

But how do you know if you really want to get married again? A second or even third marriage is different than the first trip down the aisle. It just is – even for marriage-minded people. And you may be surprised to find yourself conflicted by your own thoughts and emotions.

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Should You Invest In High-End Matchmaking Services?

High-end matchmaker talking with her distressed client.

Marriage-minded people are also serious-minded when it comes to their dating. They know they’re going to have to do some work to find Mr./Ms. Right. And they’re willing to ask for help to make sure their search is effective. That means friends and family, online dating, group activities, hiring a dating coach, and even investing in high-end matchmaking services.

But some of those strategies can get costly — both in terms of money and in terms of time. We are talking over $10,000!  I recommend that you do your homework first. After all, your end goal may be worthy, but you want an effective plan with expert guidance to get you there.

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The Pros and Cons Of Meetup Dating

Group having a meal together and exploring the pros and cons of meetup dating.

Modern-day dating can seem more like job-hunting in a competitive market than simply falling into love by chance. You have to work at it, put yourself out there, and diversify your approach. It takes effort. Online dating has finally taken over as the top way couples are meeting — outperforming the “family and friends” plan. But there are still plenty of ways to meet “the one,” especially for marriage-minded people. And Meetup dating is one of those ways.

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