Move On From Your Past And Look To Your Future!

Couple riding bikes and holding hands at sunset.

Your past is your past. There’s not much you or anyone else, can do about it.

Perhaps you feel you’ve made some poor choices in life partners and people you’ve dated.

Maybe you’re hanging on to some past emotional baggage.

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Finding True Love Requires Effort. Are You Willing To Do The Work?

Man sitting on his couch working on his dating plan for finding true love.

There are many beliefs about love. “Love should be easy. Love requires effort. Love is predestined. Love is what you make it.” And on and on.

Some people even think it’s OK to have someone else do the work for them. They don’t think it’s necessary to do the upfront work of preparing and searching for love.

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7 Tips For Looking Great For Your Next Virtual Date Night

Man sitting on his couch having a virtual date night with his girlfriend.

You may not remember, but once upon a time people actually dated in person. Face-to-face, handholding, the whole bit. Thanks to the pandemic, however, date night has morphed into virtual date night for many romantic hopefuls.

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What It Means When Someone Says, “Relationships Take Work.”

Young couple sitting next to each other on a bench.

I recently had a conversation with a millennial male client who was exploring coaching. He was an attractive, smart, industrious person. Although I could see that he would greatly benefit from coaching, what I heard was, “I know…relationships take work. But your program takes too much time and effort, and I don’t have time for it. I’m a very busy person.”

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5 Tips For Finding Your True Love

Computer keyboard with "Dating Tips" covering the enter key.

Love is out there. It really is. And I have the good fortune of helping people find it. I love what I do! When I say to a client, “Finding your true love doesn’t have to be a lonely process” I mean it. I get so much satisfaction out of guiding hopeful singles toward the love of their dreams.

Interestingly, my clients aren’t the only ones learning about themselves and the process of finding true love. I learn something important from every one of the people I coach.

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