How To Find True Love When You’re Dating After 50

Couple have fun dating over 50 at a coffee shop.

Dating after 50 might seem intimidating or worse — completely impossible. It’s no secret that people in the second half of their lives come with a lot of baggage, and that’s bound to complicate dating for anyone, right? But before you go worrying about what problems could arise, here’s some dating advice to put those worries out of your mind.

Surprisingly, dating at 50 and — and even sex after 50 — isn’t a lost cause. To the contrary, this time in a person’s life can be one of the best times for dating.

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What You Can Expect When Hiring An Upscale Dating Coach

Coach Amy Schoen is an upscale dating coach.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish these days, it seems there are countless experts lining up to show you how to do it. Money gurus will show you how to get rich. Wellness coaches will show you how to get healthy. And dating coaches will show you how to (finally) find “the one.” But not all “experts” are equally qualified or effective. In the dating world, especially for marriage-minded people, it’s natural to wonder if an upscale dating coach is worth your trust…and investment.

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Dating Advice For Shy Guys Who Want To Find Ms. Right

Shy man sitting outside and reading about dating advice for shy guys.

The idea of walking up to an attractive woman to strike up a conversation isn’t in every man’s comfort zone. Women don’t have a corner on the market of shyness, but men often feel the expectation to take the lead in dating. So dating advice for shy guys has to take that into account.

Before jumping into specific tips for pushing past your comfort zone in the dating world despite your shyness, let’s make an important distinction.

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How To Find A Dating Coach Who Can Really Help You Find True Love

Woman at her laptop researching how to find a dating coach.

For the marriage-minded single looking for true love, the dating world can look like an endless haystack. You have higher standards than just casual dating or hooking up, and trying to find the needle in that haystack can seem overwhelming. By spending a little time learning how to find a dating coach first, your search for “the one” could get a lot easier.

What is it about “dating coaches” that’s made them such an asset in today’s dating world? And if you have no clue how to find a dating coach, is the search for one just an extra burden? You’re searching for love, but first you have to search for someone to help you find it?

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Online Dating Tips For Profile Writing That Will Help You Find Mr./Ms. Right

Woman using her laptop to create her profile using online dating tips for profile writing.

If you’re one of the 40-million-plus Americans using online dating, tips for profile writing can make all the difference in your success.

Your profile, after all, is your one-page ad to those you’re seeking to attract — your thirty seconds of Super Bowl commercial time. You’ll want to grab the attention of high-quality, potential matches. And you’ll want it to survive the “swipe left for no, right for yes” screening format on so many dating apps.

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