Coach Amy’s Top 10 Dating Truisms

As the year ends, I was thinking about how I can support you in the New Year.  I would like to offer you my top 10 Dating Tips or Truisms (What I know to be true!)

I hope these dating tips will guide you as you are searching for a life partner or spouse.

Here they are:

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035 The Importance of Timing in Relationships When Dating for Marriage with Amy Schoen

Amy Schoen Motivated to Marry

Let’s talk about timing in relationships! When evaluating a candidate as a potential spouse…. are you jumping in and being exclusive “too soon”? Do you have a conversation with the other person about what they want versus what you do?  Do you make assumptions, only to find you are off base? And, what are expectations do you bring into a relationship?

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034 Steps You Need to Take to Shift your Self Esteem from Rhinestones to Diamonds While on Your Motivated to Marry Path

Wouldn’t you like to feel more self assured and confident in you dating and relationships? How do you shift your own vibration so that you shift who you attract into your life? In this episode, Dr. Marina Kostina and Amy discuss how you can shift from being a “Rinestone” to a “Diamond” and how that can influence the quality of your interactions with yourself and others in the Motivated to Marry dating experience.

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Does Matchmaking Services really work? This is what I have observed in my 13 years of coaching….

Matchmaking services have been around since the dawn of time and my clients ask me if they should try it.   I then respond to them with this answer…..

Also, over a dozen times a year I talk to a prospective client that has had this particular experience with a matchmaking service or individual.  (Also, I’ve heard this response from an occasional friend too!)

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Would you be ready for true love if he (or she) walked in the door today?

Let me ask you if you can relate with this true story about one of my clients who was looking to find true love?

Dana, an attractive 38 year old woman came to coaching because she considers herself Motivated to Marry and was looking to find true love, get married and have a family.   Not so unusual, right?

In addition, she wants to advance herself in her career and is taking a graduate course, moving into a new condo in 2 months (to be closer to work and cut her commute time) and has a demanding job that requires that she works weekends.

So whats wrong with this picture? 

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