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036 Why Having a Dating Plan is a MUST DO if you are Motivated to Marry

Amy Schoen Motivated to Marry

Come join Coach Amy Schoen as she is interviewed on the topic of why a dating plan is a worthwhile endeavor as a tool to help you get on the right path to finding your life partner. She will share her insights and tips to creating an effective dating plan so that you can meet your soulmate to avoid heartache and save you time and energy as you are putting your efforts into meeting the one.

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035 The Importance of Timing in Relationships When Dating for Marriage with Amy Schoen

Amy Schoen Motivated to Marry

Let’s talk about timing! When evaluating a candidate as a potential spouse…. are you jumping in and being exclusive “too soon”? Do you have a conversation with the other person about what they want versus what you do?  Do you make assumptions, only to find you are off base? And, what are expectations do you bring into a relationship?  

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034 Steps You Need to Take to Shift your Self Esteem from Rhinestones to Diamonds While on Your Motivated to Marry Path

Wouldn’t you like to feel more self assured and confident in you dating and relationships? How do you shift your own vibration so that you shift who you attract into your life? In this episode, Dr. Marina Kostina and Amy

033 How To Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin to Attract your Motivated to Marry Mate

In this episode we will be exploring what it mean to be “comfortable in your skin” and how this impacts your dating for a committed life partner.  How does the trial and error, as well as, taking risks fit into creating

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032 How to Up-level Your Inner Game to Be Motivated to Marry

What is meant by the “inner game of dating”? Are you single and wondering how to have that deeper meaningful partnership yet something is holding you back? Are you confident that you are clear about what you want so that