Do You Believe Dating Is A Competition?

Couple fiercely competing in a game of table tennis.

There’s a perception among many singles – and even among the dating gurus who advise them – that dating is a competition. They talk like sports coaches (“You need to up your game!”) and defeated players (“I’m not having any luck with this dating game.”).

As a Single Person, What’s Your Couple Vision?

Woman peering in the window of a restaurant at a happy couple to help her formulate your couple vision.

If your love life had a crystal ball, what would it reveal about your future? Do you see your personal ambitions in the clear foreground, with dating dappled in and marriage in the background? Or do you have a clear couple vision that is shaping all of your ambitions and how you pursue them?

How To Be Resilient In The Face Of Dating Heartbreak

Before & after picture of a woman grieving dating heartbreak and then in a new relationship.

Resilience keeps coming up in my coaching. It’s an important marker on the “dating growth chart” for my clients, and it’s an encouraging quality I witness in their responses to dating heartbreak. If you’ve never worked with a certified relationship coach, you may have the misconception that coaching guarantees success with your first attempt.  It […]

7 Things to Do to Get You Dating Again

Couple riding bikes together on a pathway in a park.

Spring, like all the seasons, comes around every year. And yet, there’s something about the freshness it heralds in that always makes it feel like a brand-new experience. Budding trees, chirping birds, the ditching of heavy winter clothes…and, for singles emerging after the COVID pandemic, dating again. Most adults have been vaccinated, and mask and […]

How Will You Know When You Meet The Love Of Your Life?

Man and woman sharing a glance wondering if they've just met the love of their life.

How does it look in your daydreams? Do your eyes lock with your destined love, your knees go weak, the butterflies flutter in your stomach? Do you assume you will automatically “just know” when you meet the love of your life? Will it really be that unmistakable? If you’re waiting for an Oscar-winning moment to […]