How To Enjoy Being Single During The Holidays

Happy couple enjoying the holidays.

The end-of-the-year holidays are supposed to be some of the most joyous. We all look forward to spending time with friends and loved ones. However, when you’re single during the holidays, you might find yourself also wondering how on earth you’ll get through them! Being solo during the holidays isn’t easy. Especially when you’re spending […]

Relationship Advice for Surviving the Holidays as a Single Person

In my recent Meetup group get together we discussed how to have a happy and fulfilling holiday season despite the challenges that face singles. I appreciated their candid responses and insights. I also shared my feelings and gave my relationship advice about when I was single at this time of year.

Will there be fireworks for you on the 4th?

​I remember when I had turned 40 and I had no man in my life during the July 4th holiday weekend. That must have had been the roughest holiday weekend for me. I am a woman who likes to have plans and desires to be with people. So I did what any industrious person would do…

How to Find Love and be Happy as a Single during the Holidays

Many of my clients and singles that I talk to are apprehensive about the holidays. First, they would really like to find love and not have to go through the holidays as a solo. They are not really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their family and enduring their family member’s inquisition about their love life. Besides, Aunt Jane has not been in the dating world for over 30 years!

5 Ways to have a Happy Holiday Season as a Single

The holiday season is fraught with high expectations of having happy holidays which is a tough time for most of my single clients. There are reminders everywhere on signage, TV, the web, and even radio of what could be