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A Guy who planned valentine's day giving his gal a present.

Should the Guy Plan Valentine’s Day?

By Coach Amy | February 8, 2024

What do you think? Should the guy plan Valentine’s Day?  There are many variables here when you ask this question!  […]

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Online dating coach talking with a client over Zoom.

9 Tips from a Top Relationship & Online Dating Coach

By Coach Amy | January 25, 2024

Online dating is where it’s at right now. We’re in the dead of winter and even in Texas it’s below […]

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Couple sitting on a couch talking about their new relationship.

7 Ways to Manifest a New Relationship in the New Year

By Coach Amy | January 18, 2024

If you haven’t heard it from me yet, “Happy New Year!” It’s already 2024. Let me ask you, is one […]

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Woman feeling uncomfortable because she's sitting next to a couple in true love.

Will You Miss Romantic True Love Because You’ve Overlooked These 5 Things?

By Coach Amy | January 11, 2024

Men and women are currently busy looking for romantic true love at this time of year, especially online. Will you […]

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Woman using her tablet to access marriage-minded dating sites.

Which Marriage-Minded Dating Sites Should I Consider?

By Coach Amy | January 4, 2024

December is the time of the year I recommend you get online to find your true love and get ready […]

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Couple having a great first date over coffee is the result of great dating strategies.

5 Ways to Be a Strategic Dater Using Effective Dating Strategies

By Coach Amy Schoen | December 28, 2023

Today’s dating advice for women and men is designed to help you discover if you’re a Strategic Dater, adept at […]

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Couple in a new relationship standing next to each other and looking unsure.

Feeling Unsure about a New Relationship? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

By Coach Amy | December 21, 2023

Feeling unsure about a new relationship is very common. The first couple of months can be wonderful and nerve-wracking all […]

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Couple at a winter celebration smiling at each other and basking in the joy of finding love again

How to Find Love Again in the New Year

By Coach Amy | December 14, 2023

December is here again! How did that happen? I hope you’ll be enjoying the end-of-year holidays with your friends and […]

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Exasperated woman looking at her phone and thinking online dating doesn't work.

7 Reasons Online Dating Doesn’t Work & How You Can Turn It Around

By Coach Amy | December 7, 2023

Online dating can be frustrating! I see the trials and tribulations that my clients go through and the belief they […]

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