How Do You Find Love? Use The 3 C’s

Man and woman sharing a loving embrace during a snow shower

How do you “find” love? Isn’t it supposed to “just happen” when serendipity and the stars are all aligned on your behalf? Won’t you “just know” when, say, you look up from the avocados and see “the one” also shopping for guacamole ingredients?

Something as important as finding true love – deep, lasting, build-your-life-together love – warrants more intention than being on alert in the grocery store.

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What Are You Choosing for 2022?

A couple embracing and watching fireworks.

Whether you had your New Year’s resolutions ready to launch before the end of the year or are still pulling them together, I have a question for you. What are you choosing for 2022? And is finding true love on your list?

Your ambitions for the New Year may be nicely organized under predictable categories: health/fitness, career, financial, and, hopefully, relationships.

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How To Use The Pet Test To Judge Your New Romantic Partner

Man using the pet test with his new girlfriend

“My dog doesn’t like my boyfriend so it’s a no-go.”

“If she’s worth dating, my cat will cozy right up to her.”

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Do You Believe Love Is Just Around the Corner for You?

Woman before and after she discovered the love that was just around the corner.

Miracles happen every minute of every day. And they happen in abundance for those who believe in and look for them. You may not recognize them except in retrospect. But what matters is that you embrace them for the amazing gift they are and keep your heart open to their perfect timing. And that applies to love and the belief that love is just around the corner for those who are truly seeking it.

Can you see yourself in a loving relationship in this new year? Do you believe it’s possible?

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The Most Unique Challenges To Dating In Every Age Range

Couple on a romantic date.

“Dating” may be a catch-all for putting yourself out there in the quest for love. You meet someone new, go out for coffee or dinner, get swept up in all the feel-good, babysit the phone for the next call or text.

But, for all that makes dating same-ol’-same-ol’, regardless of who-what-where, it actually poses some unique challenges for different age groups.

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