How to Make Love Last in a Relationship

Couple who knows how to make their love last in relationship cooking a new recipe together.

How to make love last in a relationship? That’s an age-old question. It may seem simple, but the application is harder than we’d like to admit. The beginning of a relationship is always great. There’s a lot of passion, and the newness is exciting. We put our full attention on our partner to the exclusion […]

10 Relationship-Building Questions to Use in a Budding Relationship

Couple chatting over coffee about relationship-building questions.

When my clients meet someone they feel a connection with, the coaching conversations many times lead to discussing what relationship-building questions are recommended to learn about this new person on a deeper level with the intent of seeing if this budding relationship has the potential to go the distance. And if you’re like most of […]

10 Things You Should Know Before Having An Online Dating First Date

Couple talking online about scheduling their first date.

Knowing when and how to have an online dating first date can seem confusing but I’m here to help. I’ve compiled my top 10 dating tips for how to make sure you have the best possible experience on your first date. And an online dating first date is a bit different than a first date […]

How to Manifest True Love in the New Year

Happy couple who has manifested their true love.

Happy New Year! Most likely you’re dating online and putting some energy into it because you’re finally ready to manifest true love. When you just read the word “manifest” what came to mind for you? Perhaps some kind of spell to conjure up your ideal life partner? Or maybe it seems like a woo-woo idea […]

Why Hiring An Online Dating Ghostwriter May Not Be Your Best Bet

Online dating ghostwriter at work on their laptop.

Is setting up your online dating profile the bane of your existence? Do you hate to write about yourself and feel you’re just lousy at it? If you’re having a hard time writing, you may consider hiring an online dating ghostwriter. An online dating ghostwriter is someone who’ll write your profile for you. However, there […]