5 Reasons Why People Who Believe In True Love Are More Likely To Find It

A happy couple embracing on a path in the woods.

Have you ever met someone who was lucky in love? In the nearly two decades I’ve been a dating and relationship coach, I’ve met hundreds of them. And I’ll tell you their secret…they are all people who believe in true love. Do you believe love is in the stars for you? Do you deeply believe […]

7 Ways To Create A Love That Will Last

A couple sitting outside with their dog.

Dating can be wonderful, and romance exhilarating. But finding a love that will last is like winning the lottery and taking the payout over a lifetime. It surpasses the butterflies-in-your-stomach lust and settles into a life-enriching sustainability.  Unfortunately, reality tells us that over 50% of relationships and marriages will not stand the test of time. […]

Should You Build A Friendship First Before A Serious Relationship When You’re Marriage-Minded?

Friends kayaking.

I get this question all the time from my marriage-minded clients, “Should you build a friendship before a relationship, especially if you’re marriage-minded?” The answer, I’m afraid, isn’t as black-and-white as the question. It’s not a definitive yes. It’s not a definitive no. We’ve all seen the wedding invitations that ooze with the friendship-love connection: […]

Why Dating Therapy Won’t Help You Find True Love

When singles struggle with dating, therapy often sounds like the logical place to sort out the reasons why. I would never knock the therapeutic process. It definitely plays an important role in healing broken lives, working through difficult relationship issues, and teaching healthy communication skills. But I’m convinced it isn’t the right context for singles […]

Feel Like You’re Missing Out On True Love? This Is What You Need To Do

Loving couple taking a selfie while another woman jealously looks on.

Feel like the only one who’s missing out on true love? If you’re sitting alone while star-crossed love birds are getting all the attention on the Kiss Cam, you may be getting tired of singlehood.  Living in a couple’s world is great…if you’re part of a couple. But single without a partner?  It gets old […]