How To Brush Up On Your Relationship-Building Skills During the Holidays

People using a holiday meal to practice their relationship-building skills.

The holidays are here again. Chances are you’ve been seeing family and friends or will do so in the next few weeks. And since it’s not always calm and harmonious at the holiday table or any other family gathering, this is the perfect time to practice your relationship-building skills. Since you’re seriously searching for love, […]

4 Alternatives to Online Dating That Really Work!

Group of people out on a hike in the woods.

Many people say they’re tired of being online. They want to find alternatives to online dating so they can meet people in real-life (IRL). They’re working mostly online and want a break from facing a screen all day! In my role as a life and relationship coach over the last 18 years, I know all […]

Can It Be A Love That Lasts When You’re Exclusive In Just 6 Dates?

Couple standing in a forest basking in their love for each other.

It might seem crazy that people find love that lasts within just 6 dates. Yet, when I look back at my clients who have successfully coupled, I notice that many met their partners and became exclusive within only 6 dates! And the wonderful thing is that most have relationships and even marriages with love that […]

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Couple who has built trust in their relationship cuddling by the fire.

Most of my clients have been hurt or burned in a prior relationship. Others are widowed and have had a solid relationship with a partner and know what it’s like to build trust in a relationship over time. Although these two groups have different experiences with love, one of the things they have in common […]

10 Gremlins That Keep You From Finding True Love

People having fun at a Halloween party.

Halloween is here! For many, it’s a fun holiday where you get to dress up in costume and be your entertaining self! At Halloween parties, people let their hair down and find it easy to engage in conversation with almost anyone and feel like a bit of a break from focusing on finding true love. […]