I’m Looking For True Love, What Do I Need To Do?

Woman sitting at her laptop following her plan for finding true love.

One of the most common questions potential clients ask me is, “Since I’m looking for true love, what do I need to do differently?” These people are unsure where to start and how to find true love at this stage of their life. Maybe they’re ready to settle down or are ready to start dating […]

My 4 Favorite Online Dating Success Stories

A couple getting married is just one online dating success story's happy ending.

When my clients ask me for my favorite online dating success stories, it’s so hard for me to choose among the multitude of happy clients who’ve met their life partners online through the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets coaching methodology. However, I’ll share just 4 of my favorite online dating success stories to demonstrate that […]

True Love vs Fake Love: How To Tell The Difference

Couple standing together yet apart wondering about true love vs fake love

True love vs fake love. It’s a distinction everyone who’s been hurt by love wants to know how to make. Knowing how to differentiate the type of love someone has for you (and the type you have for them) is an important skill when you’re a seriously searching single. It really comes down to true […]

7 Relationship-Building Questions For Couples

A couple answering relationship-building questions over coffee.

It’s music to my ears when a client says, “I’ve met someone I’m interested in!” Of course, that’s when the real work begins for a couple. The next thing a client in a new relationship asks me is, “What relationship-building questions for couples should I be asking my potential partner?” Here are 7 relationship-building questions […]

What You Need To Know To FINALLY Find Long-Lasting Love

A mature couple dancing amongst fallen leaves basking in their long-lasting love.

Isn’t it wonderful to see older folks enjoying each other’s company? It’s always been inspiring to me. You can tell these couples have a long-lasting love because they still hold hands and just seem to fit together. This is the type of relationship most of us yearn for. We all imagine growing old with that […]