The #1 Trait Required for Successful Dating Is…

Couple staring happily into each other's eyes while snow falls around them.

There’s daydreaming. There’s dating. And there’s successful dating.

And I’ve seen (and done) all three.

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How Many Dates Should You Have Before Becoming Exclusive?

Man and woman holding hands and gazing adoringly into each other's eyes.

When you go on a first date and you both feel the chemistry, what do you spend the rest of the night thinking about? Seeing the person again…and exclusivity. While you may be hearing your mother in your head telling you to take your time or you may be going down different paths. So, how many dates before becoming exclusive where you don’t want to see anyone else?

I know, I know. You think I’m going to push the rush to the altar. Love at first sight, good instincts, tired of the dating scene, all that.

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How To Enjoy Being Single During The Holidays

Happy couple enjoying the holidays.

The end-of-the-year holidays are supposed to be some of the most joyous. We all look forward to spending time with friends and loved ones. However, when you’re single during the holidays, you might find yourself also wondering how on earth you’ll get through them!

Being solo during the holidays isn’t easy. Especially when you’re spending so much time with your coupled friends and family. They’re just another reminder of what you’re missing.

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How Being Friends With The Opposite Sex Impacts Your Search For Love

Guy and gal friends looking at a post over coffee.

You say you’re “just friends.” With opposite-sex pals, however, that’s not as simple as it sounds. It comes with pros, cons…and even possibilities. So, if your bestie can’t follow you into the same restroom, it’s probably a good idea to get real about your friendship.

The path to finding true love has a way of adding meaning to things you otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought to. How you spend your free time…your relationship with your family…being friends with opposite-sex people. It all has a way of “playing a role” in your dating life.

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When To Move On From A Relationship That’s Almost (But Not Quite) Right

Before and after of a man in a bad relationship and then a good one.

It’s all good on paper. It even looks good to everyone around you. But something — something — just isn’t right. Are you crazy? Too picky? Self-sabotaging? Should you be finding a way to make it work? Or do you need help knowing when to move on from a relationship?

I see it all the time with my clients. They meet someone they’re attracted to and with whom they have lots of chemistry.

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