7 Tips for Online Dating Over 50

Over 50 year old woman using her phone for online dating.

Online dating isn’t only for the under-50 crowd. In fact, online dating for over 50 is one of the most active groups on the dating apps. And if you’re not yet dating online, you’re definitely missing out. When I recently reviewed my list of happily coupled clients, I discovered that over 80% of my successfully […]

Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Online Dating

Couple having a date online.

Most of my clients are dating online as a way to find a true love partner who is also looking for a long-term committed relationship. And several of them are open to long-distance online dating. Yet not all are. The reason for the divide is that there are definite advantages and disadvantages to long-distance relationships. […]

There’s Still Time To Celebrate National True Love Day!

Couple wearing matching yellow t-shirts hugging in celebration of National True Love Day.

Ahhh, new love! Everything seems wonderful in the world. And Tuesday, August 16th was National True Love Day. Even though it’s passed, I believe that when you’re a new couple you can create your own True Love Day that you can celebrate year after year. When you create your own True Love Day, you have […]

How To Select A Terrific Online Dating Photographer

Online dating photographer taking pictures of a woman.

If you’re like most of my clients you either have an online profile or are considering getting one up and running. Arguably the most important part of an online profile is the photos. Yet few profiles feature photos taken by a photographer who specializes in online dating photos. As a dating and relationship coach, you’ll […]

How To Stop Dreaming Of Your True Love And Actually Find Him/Her

Man dreaming of his true love and crossing his fingers.

Do you sit there dreaming of your true love showing up in your life? What do you imagine meeting this person to be like? Perhaps you see yourself sitting at a local coffee shop. Then you notice someone attractive and seemingly single staring back at you. He sends a latte over to you and smiles. […]