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Woman with her arms crossed looking frustrated because she believes online dating doesn't work for her.

Do You Tell Yourself “Online Dating Doesn’t Work for Me”? Then, Consider This…

By Coach Amy | September 28, 2023

When a client says, “Online dating doesn’t work for me,” my answer is, “Not Yet!” I understand why they’re telling […]

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Couple dining at a nice restaurant and he's talking on the phone while she's bored.

Watch Out for These 7 Red Flags in a New Relationship

By Coach Amy | September 21, 2023

You’re out there dating again. You’re finally ready to try again to see if maybe this time you can find […]

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A singles group sitting around talking about how to find the right relationship.

Hoping vs Taking Action to Find the Right Relationship for You

By Coach Amy | September 7, 2023

When desiring the right relationship, do you hope that you’ll bump into your true love at Starbucks and think you’ll […]

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Woman texting with her partner hoping to build her relationship.

Why You Can’t Build a Relationship on Text Messages Alone

By Coach Amy | August 31, 2023

Today texting is a way of life! How did we manage before texting on our smartphones? This is the “new normal” […]

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Couple riding a tandem bike on a boardwalk.

12 Great Summertime Relationship-Building Activities

By Coach Amy | August 24, 2023

It’s summertime and a new relationship may be in the picture for you. Perhaps you’ve started dating someone new or […]

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Man and woman sharing a loving look.

7 Signs of True Love from a Woman Most Guys Like

By Coach Amy | August 18, 2023

As a dating and relationship coach, I have both men and women clients. And I get to hear what my […]

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Logo mashup with meetup and various online dating sites.

Online Dating vs Meetup: Which Is Best for Seriously Searching Singles?

By Coach Amy | August 10, 2023

One of the questions I get from my clients is where do you recommend I go to meet a serious, […]

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True love looks like this couple staring into each other's eyes.

What Does True Love Look Like? Here’s What to Look For

By Coach Amy | August 3, 2023

One of the questions I hear from my clients is, “What does true love look like?” Often they’re recovering from […]

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Woman sitting at a table looking at her online dating app.

When Online Dating Doesn’t Work & When It Does

By Coach Amy | July 27, 2023

Online dating can be frustrating! And when my new clients come to me for help, they often tell me all […]

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