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Woman looking dejected and wondering why she can't find love after a couple has walked past her.

Why Can’t I Find True Love? & How To Turn It Around This Time

By Coach Amy | February 23, 2023

Often, a client seeking my help asks me, “Why can’t I find true love?” Not only do I hear their […]

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Man looking at his latest online dating chat and wondering if it's time to ask for a date.

Answering Your Top Questions About Online Dating: When To Ask For A Date

By Coach Amy | February 16, 2023

Online dating topics often come up in my bi-monthly Motivated to Marry Coaching club calls. And one of the top […]

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Couple who knows how to make their love last in relationship cooking a new recipe together.

How to Make Love Last in a Relationship

By Coach Amy | February 9, 2023

How to make love last in a relationship? That’s an age-old question. It may seem simple, but the application is […]

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Couple chatting over coffee about relationship-building questions.

10 Relationship-Building Questions to Use in a Budding Relationship

By Coach Amy | February 2, 2023

When my clients meet someone they feel a connection with, the coaching conversations many times lead to discussing what relationship-building […]

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Couple talking online about scheduling their first date.

10 Things You Should Know Before Having An Online Dating First Date

By Coach Amy | January 26, 2023

Knowing when and how to have an online dating first date can seem confusing but I’m here to help. I’ve […]

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Happy couple who has manifested their true love.

How to Manifest True Love in the New Year

By Coach Amy | January 19, 2023

Happy New Year! Most likely you’re dating online and putting some energy into it because you’re finally ready to manifest […]

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Online dating ghostwriter at work on their laptop.

Why Hiring An Online Dating Ghostwriter May Not Be Your Best Bet

By Coach Amy | January 12, 2023

Is setting up your online dating profile the bane of your existence? Do you hate to write about yourself and […]

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Happy mature couple walking outside on a cold day and basking in their love to last a lifetime.

What You Need To Know To Create A Love To Last A Lifetime

By Coach Amy | January 5, 2023

“A love to last a lifetime” is a phrase we hear in love songs to inspire us to dream about […]

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Woman wistfully scrolling through on online dating site wondering will I ever find true love...

Over 40 & Still Single? Do You Ask, “Will I Ever Find True Love?”

By Coach Amy | December 29, 2022

For those over 40 who are still single and searching, many ask, “Will I ever find true love?” If this […]

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