Is Internet Dating Safe?

One of my clients asked, “Is Online dating safe? “  My answer is, “It depends on which site you are on and on your screening process.”  There are many tips for dating safe that I give in my internet dating classes. One is to trust your gut- if it doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t. […]

Coach Amy’s 5 Top Internet Dating Profile Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Recently The Washington Post had an article on how dating online is a better way to meet a serious romantic partner than some other past traditional ways. My advice for dating includes the participation in online dating as any total dating strategy.  I do have some dating tips for men and women on how to […]

Which Online Dating Site Should I Try?

As part of your total dating strategy, I urge my clients to try online dating as a way to find quality people to date.  There is a whole slew of reasons to be online, one of which that just the shear numbers of singles who are participating and the convenience that it offers. I spoke […]

Back to Writing & My Top 3 Tips for Dating

Sorry I have been away from my writing for my blog!  Life has been very hectic – with several snow storms in DC, a toddler in the house, a husband who is job hunting and a very active coaching business.  As a working mom, I am constantly working toward greater balance in my life. Also, […]

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. This time of year can be difficult for singles. I hope you are able to spend it with those you care about -be it family, or friends. Remember the good things that you have in your life to be grateful for. It’s natural to want to work […]