5 Positive New Years Eve Strategies for Singles!

For those not in a relationship, one of the hardest nights of the year is New Years Eve. Such anticipation! Dressing up, festivities, champagne, and the countdown. And no one to kiss at the strike of midnight!

However New Years Eve doesn’t have to be a total downer! Here are 5 New Years Eve strategies for singles to make the most of this potentially agonizing night.

1. Be sure to make plans with people you are close friends, be it couples or singles
My best New Years Eves were with a group of friends at their home. We had similar friends and I also met new people. I also shared it with my close girlfriend. This is so much better than being at a big bash at a huge hotel where you knew almost no one. The only big bash that works is if a group of your close friends get a table together and no one is coupled.

2. Start a tradition with your friends
Similar to the suggestion above, agree with your close friends that you will be together on New Years Eve. I had friends that we share our New Years Eve about 8 years consecutively even after he got married and started a family. It’s kind of making a pact that you will be together as a group. Your close friends want to support you unless they want a romantic evening alone. I recommend you seek out your extroverted friends who are up for getting a group of friends together!

3. Host a New Years Eve Party at your home or at a restuarant
Take the lead and organize a party for your friends. In this scenario you get to chose who you want to share New Years Eve with or you can tell your friends to invite one or two opposite sex friends. (One of the top ways to meet people is through your friends!). People will see you in your home environment and there is special bond that forms when you invite someone to your home. You can even invite someone you have had your eye on and you want to get to know better! I have seen romance blossom from this strategy!

4. Go on a trip with a singles group and be somewhere exciting or fun!
This is the get out of Dodge strategy! Do something you love and travel with a group of people in a similar situation. You will expand your social network and could be counting down the year in a cozy ski lodge or a fun Calypso bar in a Caribbean destination!

5. Remember it is just one night of the year, and soon it will be over!
You can treat it like any other Saturday night. Go to a fun movie (I really liked La La Land!) or rent a movie you wanted to see with some close friends. You can go to a local bar and hang with your neighbors (think Cheers or Friends!) The key is not to dwell on your single status too much.

I hope I have given you some New Years Eve strategies for singles that you can implement ASAP! Before you know it, it will be a New Year with New Possibilities! Be open to meeting new people and expanding your social network. Do make sure you are ready to be searching online on Monday January 2nd! And remember to stay positive and hopeful!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Coach Amy

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