034 Steps You Need to Take to Shift your Self Esteem from Rhinestones to Diamonds While on Your Motivated to Marry Path

Wouldn’t you like to feel more self assured and confident in you dating and relationships? How do you shift your own vibration so that you shift who you attract into your life? In this episode, Dr. Marina Kostina and Amy discuss how you can shift from being a “Rinestone” to a “Diamond” and how that can influence the quality of your interactions with yourself and others in the Motivated to Marry dating experience.

During our 30 min interview we cover these questions and more: 

♥ How does Dr. Marina see self-worth as important to have before looking for relationship?

♥ Why does she think women often lose themselves in a romantic relationship?

♥ Hear about Dr. Marina’s metaphor of a person’s self esteem being either rhinestone or diamond.

♥ And, how do rhinestones act in a relationship versus how diamonds act?

What are the 3 steps Marina shares so you can change from being a rhinestone to diamond?

Dr. Marina Kostina is an Amazon bestselling author, an award winning Self-worth and Net-worth coach, an abundance researcher and speaker. Her mission is to empower women holistically and help them charge what they are worth without feeling like they are “selling their soul”.

As a sought-after speaker, she has presented at numerous national and international conferences. She has won a prestigious BIBO award for outstanding entrepreneurship and is 7 time winner of the summer grant from the US Department of Defense, and served as a business mentor at the Richard Branson Center for Entrepreneurship.

Marina blends deep soul healing, mindset shifting techniques, and savvy business strategy. Many blocks are especially difficult to change using conventional methods in women who experience guilt, fear, self-doubt, and shame. The balance of a traditional approach and energy work allows each client to secure incredible results.

Marina’s accomplishments have been featured in People magazine, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune. As a television personality, she has appeared on Telemundo, Chicago Latino TV, the Luz & Dolly Show, Inspira TV, Estrella TV, Women Business Owners Today, and CAN TV, and serves as an expert on Vashe Radio.

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