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Top 5 Mistakes Divorced Singles Make When Starting To Date Again

I was recently a guest on the The Divorce View Talk Show discussing the mistakes that divorced singles make when starting to date again. Watch the YouTube video here:

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7 Ways to Date Successfully as an Introvert

My clients all have different personalities! Some clients have more outgoing, extroverted personalities where they do not have any problem meeting people and have more of a problem choosing a good partner for themselves. Then there are more introverted clients

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Who accompanies you to your single’s events to find love?

Spring is in the air and you may be looking to get out from the computer and seek out a singles groups’ activity. When you do show up to a singles events to meet eligible people for dating, that takes a lot of guts, especially if you are going by yourself. However, when you walk into the room, you are really not alone. You bring all your too familiar voices that are in your head with you. What are they telling you in your quest to find love?

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Can you Flirt?

Flirting is an art so I have been told.  For some people it comes naturally and for others it is like speaking Mandarin as if it is a foreign language! My best friend says I am a flirt and that

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Coach Amy’s Dating Tips: 5 ways to tell if you are a dating snob

Every once in a while I run across a potential client or a single person I meet who I consider to be a dating snob.  What is a dating snob?  That is someone who thinks they are too good for

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