Author: Coach Amy Schoen

How Much Have You Spent on Internet Dating this Year?

A single friend of mine went back online to try internet dating again! She goes on has a couple of bad experiences and quits the online dating scene. She has mustered up her gumption to try again. I am sure she has spent hundreds of dollars when you add it up.

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Are You too Busy for a Relationship? Part II

In my last blog post I discussed on reason that someone may not be making time for a relationship-that they are activity driven and plan too many events and activities that don’t put themselves in the right place to meet

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Are You Too Busy for a Relationship? Part I.

All relationships take time!  So in a romantic relationship especially requires time and attention.  You know this.  However, are you fully prepared to make the time you need to give to a relationship? Let me tell you about one of

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What does the passing of Michael Jackson have to do with Romantic Relationships?

The tragic passing of Michael Jackson at the age of 50 has hit us baby boomers very hard.  Here was a talented person who reached the pinnacle of his profession as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.  However,

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Why to Look Back at your Life’s Milestones

 This past weekend my husband and I are celebrating with our families an important milestone in our lives.   Its our sons first birthday!  A babys birthday- why is that so important?  Because we have achieved triumph over much adversity!  We

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