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Is it Time to Fall Back into Dating and Find Some Special?

After Labor Day weekend the summer for the most part has ended and we get back into the back to school and back to work mode.  There is a sense that there is a finite amount of time to get

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Is Singles Travel Groups for You?

Most of us hard working people look forward to our vacation time during the summer. It’s a time for relaxation for some and a change of pace from normal routines for others. No matter what vacation option you choose, it’s important to be strategic about your time off from work.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling with a Singles’ Group

Winter is here and you may have fantasies around being in a warm, tropic island, sipping pina coladas and relaxing that may be calling out to you. Or, how about an active ski vacation where you are skiing at a top ski resort with great apre ski activities? Or maybe you yearn for a more exotic vacation where you cruise along the Pacific Ocean to Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam? As a single person, I recommend you consider traveling with a singles’ group so you can meet great people while having the vacation of your dreams.

However, these are some things to think about and to consider when traveling with a singles’ group.

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5 Simple Steps to Creating your 2013 Dating & Relationship Plan to Find Love

A New Year is looming and this is a great time to get take stock of what happened for you last year with your efforts to find love. Now is a great time to work on fine tuning your dating and relationship plan to create one that will yield your desired results.

First ask yourself these questions:

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How to Easily Meet People — Find a Singles Halloween Party!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Not for the scary costumes and the macabre, but for the ability to be creative and interact with people in a fun and relaxed way. One of my tips for dating is to find a Halloween party
for singles this coming week!

First, you have to find a costume. For women, I recommend a cute and sexy costume that attracts and is playful. A cute red devil or a black cat is always a crowd pleaser. My dating tip for men is to find a masculine, hunky costume such as a super hero (you can show your muscles in your captain America or Spiderman costume) or a debonair Count Dracula with his dramatic cape.

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