7 Very Good Reasons you MUST Vacation with One of the Singles Travel Groups this Winter

Punta Collage ImageI really love to travel. One of the best things about being single is the ability to travel when I had vacation time. What was hard for me was traveling solo. It just wasn’t me. I have done it at times in my life when I was studying abroad in London and I traveled to Ireland to see an camp friend I met in the states. I found out that traveling with a singles groups offered so many benefits. So here are my reasons to plan your vacations with one of the singles’ travel groups this year:

1. To Widen up your Social Group: Singles travel groups give you a chance to make new friends and meet people who share your love of travel. You will make new friends from your home town as well as other cities too. You will have friends to visit when you are traveling domestically or abroad.
2. To Get to Know People on a Deeper Level: When you spend 24-7 with people in a singles travel group, you really get to know them and to observe their behavior. You will learn about their values and habits. It’s hard to be on your best behavior in this situation all the time. You may also observe how flexible they are and how considerate of others they are in various situations.
3. To Relax and Have Fun: we work very hard and we need our down time. Travel and resort time will give you a chance to unwind, get away from the office and your normal routines. You will show up as fun person (we hope!)
4. To Learn about New Cultures and Civilizations: Traveling makes you a more interesting person and widens up your perspectives. You will gain new experiences by sightseeing and try new cuisines. It will broaden your understanding of the world.
5. To Gain a Greater Appreciation of What you Have: When you see that others do not have the standard of living we do, or our conveniences. You gain a greater appreciation of our country and what it offers. You will see how other people live and you will be amazed.
6. There is Safety in Numbers: As a woman, I would not be comfortable traveling by myself anymore. (I was really foolhardy in my 20’s!) When you have a group, you keep track of everyone and you have a buddy system. You will feel safer by traveling with singles travel groups.
7. To meet your true love! He or she could be on this trip. I have seen it happen. I always tell my clients to go where you know there are single people (whether they are truly Motivated to Marry- well I can help you figure that out!).

Whether you are going on a sightseeing tour or to a luxurious resort, going with single travel groups makes a lot of sense if you are dating to find a serious relationship. And once you do meet, you can get a real true sense of the person and how they are. Beware that people can still hide things like a girlfriend at home!

If you go with a positive attitude and have an open mind to new experiences and meeting new people, then traveling with a singles group will provide you with lasting memories and most likely lifelong friends!

Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

P.S. If you are looking for a great group to travel with this winter, visit www.SteppinOutAdventures.com. I know several couples who have met while traveling with this group! Also, I know the organizer personally and she will take good care of you! If you use the coupon mtm2015, then you will receive some savings- just for my Motivated to Marry Community members!

P.S.S. And if you are specifically looking to meet Jewish Singles, then check out: www.JewishSinglesTravel.com.

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