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Which Online Dating Site Should I Try?

By Coach Amy Schoen | April 29, 2010

As part of your total dating strategy, I urge my clients to try online dating as a way to find […]

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Back to Writing & My Top 3 Tips for Dating

By Coach Amy Schoen | April 7, 2010

Sorry I have been away from my writing for my blog!  Life has been very hectic – with several snow […]

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Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

By Coach Amy Schoen | November 26, 2009

I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. This time of year can be difficult for singles. I hope you […]

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How Much Have You Spent on Internet Dating this Year?

By Coach Amy Schoen | August 3, 2009

A single friend of mine went back online to try internet dating again! She goes on has a couple of bad experiences and quits the online dating scene. She has mustered up her gumption to try again. I am sure she has spent hundreds of dollars when you add it up.

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Are You too Busy for a Relationship? Part II

By Coach Amy Schoen | July 18, 2009

In my last blog post I discussed on reason that someone may not be making time for a relationship-that they […]

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Are You Too Busy for a Relationship? Part I.

By Coach Amy Schoen | July 11, 2009

All relationships take time!  So in a romantic relationship especially requires time and attention.  You know this.  However, are you […]

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What does the passing of Michael Jackson have to do with Romantic Relationships?

By Coach Amy Schoen | July 3, 2009

The tragic passing of Michael Jackson at the age of 50 has hit us baby boomers very hard.  Here was […]

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Why to Look Back at your Life’s Milestones

By Coach Amy Schoen | June 22, 2009

 This past weekend my husband and I are celebrating with our families an important milestone in our lives.   Its our […]

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Can you find a serious love relationship on Facebook?

By Coach Amy Schoen | June 11, 2009

The past two weeks I have been steeped in learning about social networking.  I am curious about if couples who […]

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