Couple dining at a nice restaurant and he's talking on the phone while she's bored.

Watch Out for These 7 Red Flags in a New Relationship

21 September 2023

You’re out there dating again. You’re finally ready to try again to see if maybe this time you can find your One and Only. However, you’re worried that you may miss the red flags in a new relationship that you’ve overlooked before.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start trusting yourself again. You’re a lot smarter this time around and I’m here to review with you what to watch out for.

You’ll want to keep your eyes open to identify the following 7 red flags in a new relationship as you’re getting out there to meet people with the purpose of dating for a committed relationship.

  1. You can’t seem to get hold of this person.

    You can’t seem to get them to respond to you. They go dark for days. And when they resurface, they have some lame excuse like they lost their phone, or the service was down. Today, almost everyone is easily accessible by text, phone, or tablet unless you’re at the North Pole!
  2. You’re kept waiting for no good reason.

    They’re always running late. And they can keep you waiting for hours. It’s the traffic one time, and a last-minute client the next. They behave as if their time is more valuable than yours. Is that the way you want to be treated forever more? Do you want to be left waiting at the altar?   
  3. They need to know where you are ALL the time.

    This is a sign of a control freak or anxious attachment! They get out of sorts if you go off the radar for an hour. They want to be in constant touch with you.  And if you’re spending time with someone else, they’re not happy about it and may even be jealous. Perhaps they were cheated on in a past relationship. Or they’re just the jealous type. This is an important red flag in a new relationship that you want to watch out for.  
  4. Being rude to waitstaff or service providers.

    This is a big red flag in a new relationship that’s very easy to spot. These people are two-faced. They can be charming and the life of the party to those they admire and respect. However, they treat everyone else as servants. And if the server doesn’t perform impeccably, then you’ll hear it across the room. Be careful, you’ll be next to feel the brunt of their nasty comments behind closed doors!
  5. They want to spend all their time with you.

    On the one hand, you’re flattered that this person wants to spend all their free time with you.  Shouldn’t it be that way? However, on second glance, they don’t seem to have family or a social group of friends. Do they have any hobbies? If not, then you’re it! This can become incredibly confining – for you. Eventually, this person intends to pull you away from your friends and family, so they have you all to themselves. 
  6. This person seems to still be emotionally tied to their ex even though the divorce is finalized.

    When the ex needs something, he comes running. They are on good terms and he’s always hanging out at their home and doing stuff with the kids. You feel like a third wheel. And, you’re wondering why this guy is even dating you! 
  7. They talk negatively about other people all the time.

    Be careful. They can smartly disguise these disparaging remarks as humor to make this seem more acceptable. Although they’re tearing someone down big time, they shield it by saying, “It’s all in good fun.” Be warned that you may be their next victim – the one who’s the butt of their next slur. 

What do you think? Are these the same red flags in a new relationship that you’ve experienced before? Hopefully, you’ll be able to identify them sooner rather than later, so you won’t be lulled into a relationship with someone who isn’t able to have an emotionally healthy committed relationship. Remember, your time is so precious.

Hopefully, you’ll recognize a good person and finally be off the dating merry-go-round. And if you want to make sure you’re on the right path, let’s talk. My coaching program has helped hundreds of seriously searching singles find their loving life partner and recognize them as being so sooner than later.

Don’t let the fall dating season pass you by. Let’s get you out there with the right tools and strategies. Go to to schedule a time to connect!