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Top 7 Ways To Meet Marriage-Minded Singles This Spring

07 March 2024

Spring is a great time to put your focus and energy into finding your true love life partner, especially if you want to meet marriage-minded singles.

Let me share my top 7 time-tested ways my clients meet marriage-minded singles to find true love.

  1. Go Online

    Today when someone wants to meet other marriage-minded singles, they often sign up with an online dating site. On most sites, you’re asked to specify your reason for dating. Why? To meet other marriage-minded singles, of course!

    Now, some people may hesitate to boldly say that they’re looking to be married however, I recommend you check that box! I also recommend you go one step further and share your goal for dating in the first paragraph of your profile. That way, if someone isn’t on the same page, they’ll move on to another profile.
  2. Ask your Friends and Family for an Introduction

    Who better to set you up with someone new, than the people who know, and think the best of you? (We hope, right?).

    However, there is a certain way to ask for help. You don’t want to be set up with just anyone solely because you’re both single and in the same age range. Many times, friends and family think they know what you want, and many times, they’re off track. You have to set them straight, communicating exactly what you’re looking for. Ask yourself: “What are the 5 to 7 non-negotiable things a potential partner must have?” and then share these “must-haves” with your friends so they can be on the lookout for you.
  3. Go to a Speed Dating Event

    Only those who truly want to meet other marriage-minded singles would subject themselves to such an exercise! At these events you’ll get a quick sense of a person and, if you click, can move past the “coffee date” to a more substantive date.

    Make sure the speed dating event you attend is age-appropriate and attracts the kind of people you want to meet (race, religion, or education for example). And be sure to have your “Conversation Starters” handy, you don’t want to get caught with nothing to say! (If you don’t have a list of your own, you can get mine from the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program).
  1. Join a Meetup group

    Especially if the Meetup group is meant to attract marriage-minded people. You need to place yourself where other seriously searching singles are also hanging out. That way you’re not wasting time with people who are dating only for fun. Remember, people date for all sorts of reasons- not just to get married. My Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program has a list of the “25 Reasons Why People Date”!
  1. Hang Out at Your Local Place of Worship

    Many singles go to their house of worship to look for marriage-minded singles who share their same faith. Most faiths encourage singles to get to know one another, be it at a bible class or a religious discussion group. Many places of worship also host social gatherings where you can meet people who share your faith and it’s a great place to be introduced to someone new by a friend. One of my clients met her husband at a singles dance hosted by her local church!
  1. Travel with a Singles Group

    A great way to meet marriage-minded singles is within a singles travel group. Many singles long to get out and travel the world but are uncomfortable doing it alone. I know of couples who have met on these trips, fallen in love, and gotten married. Some of them even lived in different cities when they met, yet they made it work.

    If you love to learn, you can find educationally oriented trips. If you love to explore, there are trips designed just for that adventure. Likewise, some trips are designed just for relaxation. It’s a great way to meet and connect with people who share your interests and love of travel.
  1. Take a class

    While many fun and educational classes would expose you to new people, I recommend finding a program that focuses on personal growth and being a better partner for marriage. I know of people who have attended conferences for personal development and ended up meeting their marriage-minded partners there. At my “Are You Motivated to Marry?” workshops, people come together to learn and grow so that they will be ready to meet the right person. These workshops are not designed to be single mixers or dating events, yet, I have seen relationships begin in these environments. I even know a couple who met at my coach training school and then ended up getting married! The key here is to go to in-person events where you can mingle and meet new people.

So there you have it! My 7 top ways to meet marriage-minded singles this spring!

It sounds easy in theory. However, implementing a strategy for meeting your life partner can be tricky. If you feel stuck, then let’s talk.

I’ve created a better way to date for marriage. And together we’ll create a personalized dating plan for you based on your values, interests, and personality. Go to to connect and let’s get started!

Wishing you much success in your search,

Coach Amy

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