Chalk drawing with the saying "Time for a new start."

How To Create A Dating Plan To Find Your Marriage-Minded Mate

09 January 2015

Are you letting another year slip by only to admit you still haven’t found your marriage-minded mate?

If you’re ready to get serious about meeting your true love partner, you may be wondering, “Where are all of the people who are ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage?” Or maybe you’re asking yourself, “Am I truly ready to get involved in a committed relationship?”

Chalk drawing with the saying "Time for a new start."

From my professional perspective as a dating and relationship coach, I would ask you, “Have you truly made the necessary space in your life to attract the right person?”

To answer these questions you need to take inventory of your dating experiences over the last year.

January isn’t the only time to change your dating efforts. NOW is a great time to take a dating inventory over the past 12 months.

Make a list of what worked for you and what didn’t work for you:

– What dating goals did you achieve, and what do you still need to work on?
– Did you meet enough people for dating?
– What aspects of your dates went particularly well?
– What did you like most about the people you met?
– Were you successful in finding people to date who were marriage-minded?

Remember to focus on the positive aspects of your dating experiences.

For example, you may say to yourself things like, “I enjoyed the conversations I had with him/her, or I felt that he/she was a genuinely kind person, or I appreciated his/her honesty.”

You may want to remember the positive feelings you had about your previous dates such as, how confident you felt, how your conversation flowed, or how you enjoyed the fun activities with your date. Try not to focus on the negative aspects so much and think about what additional information you gained from what worked and what didn’t.

Also, I recommend you make a list of things about your dating experiences you would like to consider improving. Think about the dating goals on which you’d like to focus. Some you might consider focusing on include having more time in your schedule to go on dates, finding more possible people to date, or just relaxing and having more fun on dates.

Maybe you didn’t find anyone to date at all over the last year, and you’re feeling down about it.

Then perhaps relationship coaching would serve you at this time. It can help you focus on who you need to meet and where best to find that special marriage-minded person.

Maybe you need help with your dating profile. Who do you know that can help you with your online dating profile? How much time and effort have you put into making your profile attractive to the right marriage-minded person? This is something an experienced dating and relationship coach can help you with too.

If finding a marriage-minded mate is important to you, then resolve to set some new goals, and renew your intention to find a marriage-minded mate who wants the same things in life that you do. Also, don’t forget to take a full assessment of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in a romantic relationship. Focus your thoughts on who you are and what you do have to offer in a relationship instead of who you are not!

Last, be realistic about how much time you can invest in your dating efforts and your desired dating relationship at this point in your life when you do meet that special person.

What can you do to make dating more fun and productive?

As you think about your answer to this question, a couple of additional questions may help you.

  • What plan of action will serve you at this juncture?
  • Who can support your efforts to find a marriage-minded mate?

When you put together a realistic dating plan, you’ll be on your way to finding your marriage-minded mate this year instead of having another year without true love.

And remember, the search for true love doesn’t have to be lonely. Reach out to me if you have any questions about how to create your dating plan or could use the support of an experienced, professional dating and relationship coach.

Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

P.S. If you’re wondering whether you’re truly ready to find your mate this year, take my free “Are You Ready to Meet Your Mate” quiz here.