Where To Find Quality Marriage-Minded Singles Today

The dating world’s never been more varied in what people are looking for in a life partner. It’s also never been more available to those who are looking for love. But marriage-minded singles don’t always find dating to be easy. They are, after all, looking for partners worthy of permanence. They’re not looking for a good time tonight; they’re looking for a great life forever.

One of the difficulties for marriage-minded people is knowing where to meet similarly minded prospects. If you’re in this special group of singles, you know how valuable your time is. And you don’t want to waste it in places where singles don’t have the same intentions as you.

Cute loving couple sharing a moment because they each knew where to find quality marriage minded singles.

So where are the best places to meet marriage-minded singles? 

As a dating coach, it’s my job to know where my clients have the best chance of meeting quality single people. And even though I consider the unique needs and personalities of each of my clients, there are some places that always make my favorites list.

Here are several ideas for places to meet marriage-minded singles. Some may seem obvious, and some may open your mind to more creative thinking.

  • Get a hobby.

It’s one thing to match up on a list of basic interests. Coffee shops, book stores, lifting weights — sure, they can be common interests. But do they really demonstrate a true connection?

If you have something that you really love to do — learning to cook, studying wines, playing tennis, bowling, planning charity events — get out there and do it.

Participating in activities you love gives you a front-row seat to others who love the same things. And you have the opportunity to collaborate with, compete with and learn from others without having an agenda (yet).

Don’t know where to find an outlet for your interests? Start with Meetup. TIP: If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can create and host your own events within an existing group or start your own!

  • Opt for culture.

Chances are your idea of quality, marriage-minded singles includes attributes like intelligence and interest in cultural activities like art, music, theatre and dancing.

Get on your local art museum’s email list and attend special viewings. Attend small music events that highlight lesser-known artists. Sign up for a couple months of dance classes.

Look for opportunities in your community that require you to expand your thinking beyond singles’ bars.

  • Spend some time in their world.

You will exponentially increase your chances of meeting a quality person by putting yourself in a venue typically dominated by the opposite sex.

Ladies, consider going to a professional sporting event. Guys, consider a Saturday class in beading.

And exercise classes are always a great place to meet health-conscious people without any pretenses. Ladies, consider a martial arts or kickboxing class. Guys, get a yoga pass or take a leap into Pilates to increase your odds of meeting great (and fit) ladies.

Meeting over sweat and endorphins is a great launch to an active lifestyle that you may want to share together.

  • Dog parks.

Why a dog park? Because responsible dog owners care about something or someone outside themselves.

Dogs are social animals who love to spend time with their humans. And someone who loves a dog enough to make sure it’s well exercised and well socialized has great potential beyond the dog park. He or she is likely to be compassionate and responsible, with a strong sense of commitment – These are all qualities you would want to seek in a partner.

The dog park is also the perfect setting to strike up a conversation while your dogs do their own thing.

  • Volunteering

Helping others is one of the most authentic ways to meet quality people and especially marriage-minded singles.

When your heart and mind are fully into the work at hand, your positive, generous energy becomes infectious. People want to be around you, collaborating to make good things happen for others.

What an awesome way to start a friendship (and maybe something more) based on common values!

There is one place for meeting singles that remains my favorite recommendation because of my clients’ success with it. And that’s online dating.

Over 80% of my coupled clients, ranging in age from 30 to over 70, have found their mates online.

And I always recommend traditional online dating sites like Match.com over dating apps. These conventional sites have proven to be much more successful for my clients.

Why am I such a big fan of online dating? For one thing, you can define exactly what you want. You may limit your choices with too many filters, but at least you can weed out the people who aren’t even a consideration. This saves you time in the long run!

Secondly, online dating gives you the opportunity to practice your flirting and communication skills before meeting in person. And if you’re working with a dating coach, you can work together to craft intriguing messages and responses to your potential matches that will get you the responses you’re looking for.

Perhaps most importantly, online dating gives you access to countless more possibilities than you otherwise would have. Yes, you have to be smart about how you filter and communicate with prospects. But you basically have access to people who’re also looking for marriage-minded singles.

Online dating is the only “place” where nearly everyone who is single is present at the same time and same place. While you are out socializing, or even while you are sleeping, that special person can be reading your profile and sending you messages. And you can do your own searches from the comfort of home and on your own schedule.

At the very least, online dating should be part of a comprehensive dating strategy. Even if you spend a lot of time going out and enjoying an active social life, I recommend that you are online to at least two dating sites.

Every day and every encounter is an opportunity to meet someone new- someone in your backyard that you’d never meet otherwise. Stay positive. Your lifetime partner may be as close as tomorrow…or at least your computer screen.

PS: If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with online dating and finally find your true love, then download my FREE online dating checklist. See how you stack up with your online dating profile. Make sure you’re putting your best self forward!

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