When you go on a first date and you both feel the chemistry, what do you spend the rest of the night thinking about? Seeing the person again…and exclusivity. While you may be hearing your mother in your head telling you to take your time or you may be going down different paths. So, how many dates before becoming exclusive where you don’t want to see anyone else?

I know, I know. You think I’m going to push the rush to the altar. Love at first sight, good instincts, tired of the dating scene, all that.

Man and woman holding hands and gazing adoringly into each other's eyes.

I’m not. But hear me out before you call me crazy.

Most of my clients who have successfully coupled became exclusive within 3 to 6 dates.

How many dates before becoming exclusive? Did you say 3 to 6?

Yep. Three to six.

And here’s my question to you: Would you be able to do that?

You’re probably thinking, “How is that possible to know? I haven’t even met the person we’re talking about. How do I know how long it’s going to take before we’re exclusive?”

My clients are able to achieve this exclusivity early because they’ve done the work. It’s just easy for them to identify someone (to whom they’re attracted) as a worthy partner.

Now, before you ladies run off for a manicure and you gentlemen start a diamond savings account, let me make this clear:

Exclusivity is not a marriage! Exclusivity isn’t a proposal! It’s a commitment to be monogamous and build trust within a relationship.

My guess is, like most people who choose to work with me, you don’t know exactly what you would need to become exclusive with a potential forever mate.

And you probably don’t know what to ask for in an exclusive relationship, either.

My clients develop a plan for being exclusive even before they meet that person.

Why would they do that?

So they’re ready to move forward and ask for what they need from someone in order to confidently move to the next step in the relationship — exclusivity.

Because my clients know what they want, they can communicate what they need in order to become exclusive with a potential partner.

They can have the necessary conversations before becoming exclusive and cutting off their options.

And they can quickly recognize someone who would be a good partner.

“How many dates before becoming exclusive?” becomes a question that almost answers itself because the preparation’s been done.

Of course, both people have to be willing and interested for this to work. But those who do their work up front develop a refined ability to recognize potential.

They also learn when and how to quickly move on if they know there is no future with a certain date.

Some things to consider when developing a plan for being exclusive:

These questions are just a few examples of what’s included in the handout “So you want to be exclusive?” which is part of the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching program.

How would your dating be different if you had a plan like this? Do you think it would change your answer to today’s question, How many dates before becoming exclusive?

The Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets coaching program has everything you need to get from dating to exclusivity to engagement (if that’s your goal).

Come join our Motivated to Marry Community and learn the critical dating steps you’re missing that are probably affecting your dating success.

Now is the time to do this work so you can meet your true love and know when to take a good dating situation to the next level.

I’m here to support you with your dating efforts. However, you do need to step up and take this leap on behalf of your personal development.

If you’re ready to take this leap, now is the best time to do the Motivated to Marry Coaching program. Take the first step to be ready for the New Year’s dating opportunities by visiting talkwithcoachamy.com.

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