Online dating isn’t only for the under-50 crowd. In fact, online dating for over 50 is one of the most active groups on the dating apps.

And if you’re not yet dating online, you’re definitely missing out.

Over 50 year old woman using her phone for online dating.

When I recently reviewed my list of happily coupled clients, I discovered that over 80% of my successfully coupled clients met through an online dating site. This was true for my 50s, 60s, and 70s clients too!

So, what do you need to know before venturing out into the vast internet dating pool?

Here are my 7 tips for online dating over 50:

  1. Decide on your site selection

    When deciding on which site(s) to set up your profile, you’ll want to pick one general site that has a good quantity of people and is very well known. Ask your friends who are close to your age which site they met their partner on and on which sites they were able to connect with good people.

    You’ll also want to choose one “niche” site. Niche sites can be based on age, religion, or activity preferences. There are thousands of dating websites, and many are targeted to affinity groups! Pick one that has a quality number of people in your local area.

  2. Be picky about your photos

    For the majority of my clients, I recommend getting new photos.

    Your photos do matter! Your photo is the first thing most people look at before deciding to read your profile. So, you want to be sure you make a good first impression.

    Invest in having a photo shoot with an online dating profile photographer. They know what they’re doing.

    Ladies, get dressed up like you were going out on a date to a concert or a high-class restaurant. Take the time to put on some natural makeup and pick a flattering dress color that will pop. (I recommend cool reds, warm reds, or another color in the pink family.)

    Men, make sure you’re dressed neatly and look put together. And make sure your clothes fit well and don’t hang on you or are not too big. Also, pick a flattering color such as royal blue, teal, true red, or deep red.

  3. Be proud of yourself

    Stay positive about your worthiness as a life partner. You’re not your 25-year-old self with not an ounce of fat anymore. However, you’re still amazing! Embrace who you are.

    Men, you may have grey hair or no hair! The shaved head look is in these days.

    Ladies, you may decide to color your hair or go natural grey.

    And no matter what your age, you can dress in a way that is attractive and shows your best features. You’ll feel confident and that is very sexy!

  4. Be adventurous and yet cautious

    Another tip for online dating over 50 is to embrace your sense of adventure while being cautious. You’ll be meeting new people and having new experiences.

    Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there, so you have to be careful and practice safe dating. Use your common sense and read up on safe dating practices and online dating red flags.

  5. Keep a positive mindset

    Don’t let your gremlins get you down. Focus on what you do have to offer to a loving relationship instead of the “I’m nots”.

    We all have negative thoughts from time to time. That’s natural. And you have to remember that everyone is nervous and wants to make a good impression. So do the best you can, and the right person will appreciate your good attitude and your efforts.

  6. Have fun

    Embrace your inner child. Bring out your curiosity and sense of wonder about the world,

    People will find that quality attractive. Share that in your profile and demonstrate how fun it will be if someone picks you to spend time getting to know.

  7. Be patient

    Give a nice person a chance. Allow yourself to get to know someone before weeding them out.

    Of course, if there’s nothing in common and there’s no attraction at all, move on.

    However, attraction can grow with the right person. If someone shares your life goals and key relationship values, you could be on your way to developing a lasting relationship.

So those are my top 7 tips for online dating over 50! If you follow these recommendations, I’m sure you’ll start having better dating success online and off too. To finally get love right, go to to schedule a complimentary Meet Your Mate Strategy Session. My clients are meeting great quality people and developing lasting relationships.

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