Online dating photographer taking pictures of a woman.

How To Select A Terrific Online Dating Photographer

25 August 2022

If you’re like most of my clients you either have an online profile or are considering getting one up and running. Arguably the most important part of an online profile is the photos. Yet few profiles feature photos taken by a photographer who specializes in online dating photos.

Online dating photographer taking pictures of a woman.

As a dating and relationship coach, you’ll likely not be surprised that one of the services I’m regularly sought out for is improving my client’s online dating profiles. Making sure my clients have the right photos is a big part of this service since I have an eye for what attracts and what doesn’t.

(In fact, over 80% of my successfully coupled clients met their life partner/spouse on an online dating site AFTER my help with spiffing up their profile.)

Your photos are the door to your profile.

An inviting picture will intrigue people to want to learn more about you. The wrong photo will prompt people to move past your profile and look for one with a more desirable photo.

One of the benefits most of my new clients receive during our first month of coaching is an Online Dating Profile Feedback session.

During these sessions, I always review the photos on their online dating profile. And 8 out of 10 times I recommend they get new photos because I feel they can improve upon what I’ve seen. That means they need to hire an online dating photographer.

You’ll be amazed by the photos a terrific online dating photographer will take! So believe me, you don’t want to depend on your roommate or Uncle Fred to take photos of you. And please no bathroom or car selfies!

In my locale, I’m fortunate to know some very good online dating photographers. And I also know what to look for to help my clients who live out of my geographic area.

Here’s how you should go about finding and selecting an online dating photographer:

Reputation matters.

First, you want to find one with a good reputation. Ask your friends and family who they may have used for their online profiles. What was their experience with that photographer? If it was a positive one, then you’ll want to check out that photographer’s website and portfolio.

Specialization is key.

Second, look for a photographer who specializes in online dating photos. For each one you find, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Do you like their style?
  • Do their photos look like they can be used for an online dating site and not for a job resume or an annual report?


Next, you’ll want to consider your budget. I’ve seen photo shoots range from $300 to over $1500. To understand how to best use your budget, you’ll want to consider asking questions like these:

  • Does the online dating photographer give you options so you can tailor the shoot to fit your budget and needs?
  • Are they willing to shoot just two different looks or outfits and not 5?
  • Do they charge extra for touch-ups and travel to the photo shoot location?

I also want to caution you against taking overly glamorous photos since you may not show up as this person on your first date. I recommend you go for the girl- or boy-next-door look. Think about a dressy-casual look that you’d wear on a date to a nice restaurant where you may go to dinner and then dancing. And wear another more casual look that’s still attractive, yet something low-key that you may wear out to listen to folk music or to go bowling.

Location. Location. And Location.

Although I alluded to it before, there’s one more thing you’ll need to consider when hiring an online dating photographer: where will the photos be taken?

Are you required to go to their studio? Would they come to your home? Would they meet at an appropriate place like a park, or a scenic location? The latter will make the photos look more natural which I find works better for online dating profiles. Although, I’ve seen some great home shots too.

Do you feel comfortable?

All in all, it’s the personality of the online dating photographer that will make the difference. Do you feel comfortable with this person? If you do, you’ll get better pictures out of the photo shoot.

I hope you use some of these great insights I’ve shared to hire your own terrific online dating photographer to get the critical photos that will attract your future life partner.

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