Why to Look Back at your Life’s Milestones

 This past weekend my husband and I are celebrating with our families an important milestone in our lives.   Its our sons first birthday!  A babys birthday- why is that so important?  Because we have achieved triumph over much adversity!  We tried to conceive for 5 years.  Just two years ago there was no baby in the picture and I couldnt even imagine this day ever being here.  Do you ever feel that way about your life? 

Can you imagine yourself in a serious love relationship or even marriage a year or two from now?  Stranger things have happened! 

 Think about the milestones in your life:  high school graduation, college graduation, graduate school, your first job, your first real relationship, perhaps your first marriage or the birth of a child or children.  I am sure when you were in the middle of the road to that accomplishment, there were doubts and fear.  In college you may have thought, Will I ever graduate?  It felt like a monumental task.  Yet, you eventually did!

Why is it important to look back at your milestones?  Here are some reasons:
1. To see where you have come from
2. To see how far you have come
3. To acknowledge your accomplishments
4. To give you the confidence to know that if you put your mind and energies towards it, you can achieve your hopes and dreams. 

Today we are celebrating my sons first birthday.   This is a huge milestone for us.  The first year of having a baby is a rough one.  He is now a happy, adorable boy.

On to the next milestone: Kindergarten graduation! 

So what milestones in your life do you want to celebrate today?  What are in middle of that seems like a monumental achievement for you right now?  How can I help you get there?

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these relationship questions and any comments you may have on this subject.

Your relationship coach,


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One comment on “Why to Look Back at your Life’s Milestones
  1. Adam Sheck says:

    I agree that acknowledging your accomplishments and milestones is a great way to create a strong launching pad to propel yourself into an even “higher orbit” in life. This is a wonderful, inspiring article, thanks so much. Keep up the good work.
    Adam Sheck

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