Coach Amy Schoen is an upscale dating coach.

What You Can Expect When Hiring An Upscale Dating Coach

28 October 2019

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish these days, it seems there are countless experts lining up to show you how to do it. Money gurus will show you how to get rich. Wellness coaches will show you how to get healthy. And dating coaches will show you how to (finally) find “the one.” But not all “experts” are equally qualified or effective. In the dating world, especially for marriage-minded people, it’s natural to wonder if an upscale dating coach is worth your trust…and investment.

Coach Amy Schoen is an upscale dating coach.

There are a few things that a dating coach should always do for a client. Consider them the bare necessities when you’re searching for the right coach.

First, a dating coach helps you figure out both what you want and what you need in a relationship. And s/he helps you distinguish between the two. (You may want someone who looks a certain way, but you need someone who behaves and treats you a certain way. There’s a big difference. And the difference isn’t always obvious.)

Second, a dating coach keeps you accountable. S/he works with you to uncover your motivations and blocks, develops an action plan for your dating life. S/he doesn’t let you take the easy way out. S/he will encourage and push you outside your comfort zone so that you can find the true love you dream of. Also, s/he will follow up with you to make sure you are staying on track.

Third, a dating coach can offer dating advice. Obviously. (But the quality of that advice distinguishes between an average dating coach and an upscale dating coach.) And it’s not always advice that is needed.  Sometimes it’s a supportive ear or asking the insightful questions that help you see what’s needed.

If you are looking to hire a dating coach, these are the basics to look for. But if you’re considering hiring an upscale dating coach, you’ll naturally be looking for a lot more.

Perhaps you live an “upscale” life yourself and need a coach who will recognize your need for a certain kind of partner. Perhaps you travel a lot or have a high-profile career. Perhaps you have a social calendar that stays full of “upscale” events, and you need a partner who is comfortable socializing in those circles.

A highly competent, upscale dating coach will recognize those unique needs and will guide you accordingly. S/he will take the time to get to know you and will help you devise an action plan focused on achieving your personal and dating goals.

An experienced dating coach knows how to listen for your needs and wants. And s/he knows how to help you achieve them more quickly than you would on your own. S/he is knowledgeable about the most effective ways to meet your true love.

An upscale dating coach will help you break old dating patterns because s/he has seen most, if not all, of them. S/he is committed to setting you up to succeed, and will therefore speed up your learning curve.

Feel uncomfortable flirting with someone you’re attracted to? Need help with your wardrobe and physical appearance? Feel like a fish out of water in certain social settings? An upscale dating coach doesn’t ignore the details. S/he makes sure the client has the knowledge they need, often using demonstrations or role-playing as a teaching tool.  And a dating – relationship coach will help you solidify the relationship when you do meet that special person.

While non-sport coaching may seem relatively new and trendy, it took root in the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Today, you hear about “life coaches” all the time. But, as with dating coaching, there is no college degree that earns them the title. So it’s important that you, the client, know what to look for in a dating coach. You need to know the difference between an upscale dating coach with a life coach certification and a consulting “matchmaker” who is all business.

What makes a dating coach great, highly effective and sought out? S/he has a wealth of helpful information and resources at her fingertips. And s/he knows how and when to apply them. S/he looks at all the possible ways you can meet that someone special.

And, while a dating coach isn’t necessarily a psychologist as well, s/he is skilled at building your self-confidence and self-love.

By focusing on your personal strengths, s/he essentially polishes you so you will shine in the dating world. You will have clarity about who you are and what you want and need in a partner for lasting love.

A skilled dating coach is kind of like a trusted financial advisor. Instead of diversifying your funds, s/he helps you diversify your dating approach. A little old-fashioned face to face socializing, a little online dating, a little get-out-there-and-try-new-things. And the upscale dating coach can expertly guide you in every area tailored specifically for your interests, values, passions, and personality.

There are countless reasons for hiring a dating coach. You may feel as if you’ve already dated every option in your city. You may still be carrying the torch of an old flame without realizing it. You may be burned out from online dating or have no idea how to better your online dating opportunities.

You also may have poor selection skills. (We’re all guilty of that at one time or another. After all, we grow up with so many influences that create our desires and expectations. Sometimes we can’t distinguish between what we think we’re supposed to want and what we really do want.)

When you reach the point of being committed to the outcome of dating, especially if you are marriage-minded, you’ll benefit from an upscale dating coach.

Let’s face it. Dating for marriage-minded people is about more than just having fun and basking in romance. There’s so much more at stake. After all, you’re preparing for your future, your possible children, your family and your dreams.

I know how important it was for me to have an upscale dating coach by my side, helping me navigate the choppy dating waters and not miss anything! I wouldn’t be married to my husband Alan without his knowledge, guidance and support.

A journey like that needs a personally fashioned action plan. And a successful plan needs a skilled leader who is professional, well trained, experienced, selective, and committed to your highest good.

Deciding to hire a dating coach is a big step. Deciding that you’re worth gaining the know-how of an upscale dating coach is a huge statement. She’s the coach you’ll welcome to join you on your journey will have a great impact on your destination.