What would it be like if Dating was this Easy?

Try to imagine this scenario:

You found someone online that peaks your interest and you have been emailing each other back and forth for a couple of days. Both of you seem to be in the same stage in life, and have similar interests. You find that you value the same things in life and have many of the same goals.

Of course, this time you are a bit hesitant. It looks too good to be true. That’s okay.  So you finally talk on the phone and it’s like you have known each other for a long time. You even like the sound of each other’s voices  Now you are getting even more excited to meet this person. And you set up a date to meet. However, you tell yourself, “Let’s see” to keep yourself grounded.

Then, you see him waiting for you at the restaurant (and he looks better than his picture!). Or she walks in and looks exactly as you have hoped from her picture.  You both smile. He stands up and pulls out your chair for you to sit down.  You both start talking at the same time and you both smile to break the awkwardness. He asks you some questions about where you grew up and then the conversation just flows from there.

Before you know it, hours have flown by. After an engaging and delicious meal, he walks you to your car or to your transportation hand in hand.  You know you will see each other again, there is no doubt. And there is a passionate good night kiss. You part your ways.

And before you get home, you get a text, “Had a wonderful time. Call you tomorrow.”  And you text back, “Me too!  Thank you for a lovely evening. Can’t wait”

If you think this is a fairytale, you are mistaken. This is a true life scenario for many of my clients when they meet their true love partners.

The connection happens very quickly. Do you know why?  Here is my first date tips for you.

These people did the important self-clarification work already. They know 3 key things about themselves and more importantly, they know how to communicate it with their potential partners:

1. You share the same life goals. Do you have the same life goals, want the same things out of life and are going in the same direction?
2. You have the same critical relationship values. (Can you even name your relationship values?)
3. You Know your deal breakers and what you would make you walk away from a relationship. (Before your feelings get involved, saving you from heartbreak).

What if you could communicate that and evaluate potential dates based upon that?  Wouldn’t dating be easy? Sure it would. You could set better boundaries for yourself and know to whom to say politely, “No Thank You, we just don’t want the same things in life”.  These are my easy to follow first date tips.

You say it doesn’t seem sexy or where’s the chemistry? What is really exciting is when you hit on all 3 of these areas, especially values; you will feel a connection with that person and the chemistry will click, as well.

Just like my clients Robin, Eric, Nancy, Jack, Michelle, Nate, Allison, Stuart, Debbie and so many of my clients have experienced. Their first dates were just as I described above. I want that for you.

It was important for me to have a clarifying list based upon my values, life goals and my non-negotiables as I was dating. I had wasted too much time with men that had deal breaker items, but I still thought it would work out. Coach Amy’s coaching program helped me focus and say ‘no’ sooner before feelings were involved. She also teaches you how to overcome the negative voices to allow yourself to believe that your special someone is out there. I met my husband a couple months after the program. I am so glad that I did the work on myself with your program to make sure that I was ready when I met Mr. Wonderful and to have a healthy relationship and marriage. — Allison

Let me show you how my Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program can make dating so much simpler for you so you can recognize the right person for you sooner and so you don’t overlook a really great partner when he or she shows up.   You will get all my first date tips and much more!

If you want to stop wasting your time dating the wrong people, have dating be more straightforward and truly connect with your mate this year, then let me show you how my tools and strategies can help you achieve your goal quickly and with greater ease just like Holly.

I met a wonderful man and we just got married this past summer. It’s everything I dreamed of and more! This has been the best relationship I’ve ever had.   All the work I did with your worksheets was absolutely invaluable. I cannot believe what a huge help it made to be focused in the way you guided I think some of this wonderful luck is really getting grounded via the exercises you gave us in identifying our own values. Your process made it very easy to stay focused before getting too attached.  Thank you sooooo much, Amy! – Holly (early 40’s Married Summer 2016)

So go to www.talkwithcoachamy.com and fill out my get to know you form. Then we can schedule a time for us to connect if I feel we you are the kind of person who will put the time and effort into learning my proven process.

And if you prefer more personal, one on one attention, then I can share with you how to become one of my Diamond Private Coaching clients.
I only have 10 openings for a Meet Your Mate Strategy Session this month, so don’t delay.

If you are not meeting quality people for dating or not getting past the first dates to second, third or not getting to a committed relationship within a month of meeting someone terrific that you click with, then  sign up for a Meet Your Mate strategy session so you can be dating with greater ease and confidence.

Warmest Wishes for a Love Filled 2017,

Coach Amy

PS: I have helped hundreds of people find their Mates. My clients range from early 30’s to early 70’s! My first date tips and this program works for all ages, both men and women. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you are truly motivated, then sign up for a Meet Your Mate Strategy Session at www.TalkwithCoachAmy.com so you can have dating be more fun and finally fall into place for you!

PSS: This is Jack who got married in his early 70’s!

Coach Amy really helped me pull things together with my dating process and then to move me in the right direction. Together, we are having the time of our life.

—Jack, Married 2015

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