What does the passing of Michael Jackson have to do with Romantic Relationships?

The tragic passing of Michael Jackson at the age of 50 has hit us baby boomers very hard.  Here was a talented person who reached the pinnacle of his profession as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.  However, we all know that he was not a happy person.

He had trouble maintaining a relationship with a woman and admitted to leading a very lonely life.  One could say that he died of loneliness.  As human beings we need companionship.  Love sustains us and keeps us feeling needed, safe and whole.  We have a richer life because of it when we have love that is nurturing and healthy.   

It’s a shame that Michael did not have a chance to get love right.  Sometimes it takes us many years to truly know oneself and what makes us happy, as well as, to have the capacity to accept someone in our lives.  Then, we need to go out and find that person we truly yearn for.  That can take time, much effort and our financial resources.  We may get caught up in “life”- our job, helping our family members or just staying busy with activities.  We may stay away from dating to avoid the pain of rejection.  And yet, if we want to find love we have to stay focused and not give up during the dating process with the hope of one day we will meet that someone special.    

So what can you take away from the loss of such an unfortunate person who seemed to have it all?   What do you want to do for yourself today to bring love into your life?  What needs to change in us to make that happen?   And can you afford to sit on the sidelines?  

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these relationship questions and any comments you may have on this subject.

Your relationship coach,


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