Whether you had your New Year’s resolutions ready to launch before the end of the year or are still pulling them together, I have a question for you. What are you choosing for 2022? And is finding true love on your list?

Your ambitions for the New Year may be nicely organized under predictable categories: health/fitness, career, financial, and, hopefully, relationships.

A couple embracing and watching fireworks.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big ritual around making resolutions or if you scribble them on scrap paper and carry them in your wallet.

What truly matters is that you make the connection between your resolutions and all the choices you make in your daily life.

If you have the familiar goal of being more diligent on your diet and shedding unhealthy pounds, how are you going about accomplishing that? What are you choosing to eat and not eat? Are you being more proactive about physical activity?

Are you even considering partnering with a life coach to help keep you set goals and stay on track?

The same attention to “goal accountability” applies to finding true love as much as it does to getting into shape.

You have the power to say no to some things and yes to others.

You also have the power to ask questions, explore, research, and try a new approach when your “old ways” aren’t working.

So I will ask again. What are you choosing for 2022? What do you want or need to say no to this year?

If you’re ready to find true love this year, you‘ll want to consider saying NO to things like…

To reach your resolution of finding true love this year, consider saying YES to things like…

So, are you ready to declare what you truly want for yourself?

I encourage you to step into what you truly want. You deserve to reach your goals and have your dreams come true.

Here are a couple options to help you get started:

Start making those key choices that lead to big rewards in life and love today.

Hi! I’m Amy Schoen, a D.C.-based, national expert in dating and relationship coaching. My Meet Your Mate Strategy Sessions are based on a proven blueprint for attracting true love – that has worked since 2005. What are you choosing for 2022?  

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