Couple standing in a forest basking in their love for each other.

Can It Be A Love That Lasts When You’re Exclusive In Just 6 Dates?

11 November 2022

It might seem crazy that people find love that lasts within just 6 dates. Yet, when I look back at my clients who have successfully coupled, I notice that many met their partners and became exclusive within only 6 dates!

Couple standing in a forest basking in their love for each other.

And the wonderful thing is that most have relationships and even marriages with love that lasts the test of time.

So what does it take for this to happen?

First, these clients took the time to do the inner work to know who was truly the right one for them. They could see beyond the initial attraction and quickly assess:

  • Does this person have the same life goals as I do?
  • Are their relationship values aligned with mine?
  • Do I see any glaring deal breakers or reasons why this person wouldn’t be a good partner for me?

Second, they found love that lasted because both were seeking a serious, committed relationship and were motivated to make the relationship work.

Both only wanted to date one another and the talk about exclusivity came up fairly quickly.

After reading this, you probably have a few questions.

For instance, you’re probably wondering what it means to be motivated. Being motivated means being a person of your word. It’s about being the kind of person people can count on. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it.

You may also be wondering how can people really become exclusive so quickly.

When both people are motivated, they’re not interested in playing games. They know that even though they’re smitten with each other, for a relationship to become a love that lasts, they need to respect pacing and each other’s comfort level with intimacy. So, they work to have their emotional, mental, and spiritual sides mesh before having an intimate physical relationship.

Here’s the story of how one couple found their love that lasts by becoming exclusive within 6 dates.

Robin was turning 40 and had never been married. Her goal for entering coaching with me was to refine whom she was dating and find a man who wanted marriage and a family.

Although Robin was almost ready to give up on online dating, our coaching encouraged her to keep dating online.

Then she met Daniel. Divorced and in his mid-40s, Daniel was disappointed he didn’t have the family he always imagined he’d have.

Robin and Daniel spoke on the phone and then met for coffee. It was then that they just knew they were meant to be together.

They took some time to get to know one another and make sure they were on the right track. Being divorced, Daniel wanted to be prudent and not jump into the relationship too quickly even though he knew Robin was the one for him.

They became engaged within 6 months and married within the year. They now have two children and the family life they both always dreamed about.

This same scenario happens to my 30-year-old and 60-year-old clients too!

So it is possible to meet someone, become exclusive within 6 dates and still have a love that lasts the test of time.

You just have to believe it’s possible.

If you want the clarity to know if someone is the right one for you, then go to to find out how you too can find a love that lasts within 6 dates or less!