Woman talking with her Motivated to Marry coach about finding a true love relationship.

Want a True Love Relationship? Why a Motivated to Marry Coach is Your Best Bet

06 July 2023

Perhaps you’ve been searching for your true love relationship on your own. How’s that going for you? How long have you been trying to do this all on your own? Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert guide you and have someone to bounce off your thoughts about how you’re dating and how best to find your life partner? 

A Motivated to Marry Relationship Coach can shorten your learning curve and help you finally find your true love partner or spouse – if that’s your goal – often within 6 months or less! 

When I was 40 and dating in circles, I hired a relationship coach because I desired a relationship that would lead to marriage. I was so frustrated by the men I was meeting. They were “unmotivated”. And some of them treated me poorly. I needed guidance and support. My coach was great. He even helped me recognize my husband as the one for me!

I needed to learn a couple of critical things to attract a true love relationship even though I was a smart cookie. And now I offer a better version of that with Motivated to Marry relationship coaching. Over the last 20 years, I’ve perfected my process which has served my clients in a powerful way.

This is what my Motivated to Marry Relationship Coaches and I coach our clients on: 

  • Supporting you in solidifying your vision for your life and standing firm in your goals.  Not everyone wants what you do. A coach will help you stay true to what you want. (i.e., If you want kids, stick to what you want and don’t give up on it.)
  • Coaching you through getting a better sense of what’s really important for you in a relationship. This will help you better understand the relationship values that a partner must share with you in order for a relationship to last.
  • You’ll know the red flags to look out for and be able to recognize them right away.
  • Compassionately pointing out your blind spots so you can address them.
  • Sharing with you a better way to choose the right mate and no longer second-guess yourself.
  • Teaching you how to set better boundaries and not accept bad behavior from your date.
  • Supporting you in feeling empowered to ask for what you need in a relationship.  
  • Supplying the guidance you need in the early part of a good potential relationship, so you don’t “mess it up” or miss anything.  
  • Supporting you in making sure you’re not overlooking anything important – that may come back to bite you later. 
  • Sharing the critical relationship skills that a couple needs to last the test of time.

Bottom line, if you truly seek a lasting love relationship, I highly recommend you hire a Motivated to Marry Relationship Coach.

I’m trained to help you clarify WHO is a good partner for you, given WHAT you want out of life, and guide you on HOW you will find this person.  And WHEN you meet a potential partner for a true love relationship, your coach will teach you the strategies and skills you need to create a loving relationship that will last the test of time. 

Most astute people hire coaches or mentors, so they don’t have to pave the path on their own, avoid making mistakes, and learn from the knowledge and experience of their coach/mentor.

People hire coaches or professionals for their careers, fitness, health/nutrition, business, finance, and any expertise one doesn’t have. Why wouldn’t you do the same for finding love? 

Let’s face it, very few learn how to find and nurture a true love relationship. After all, not everyone had a Leave it to Beaver upbringing with parents who were loving and supportive. And even if you did have parents who loved each other and were faithful, it doesn’t mean you got the instruction booklet about how to create that for yourself.

This is exactly what happened to me. So, I just assumed things. I never imagined my ex would be unfaithful or that he couldn’t be trusted. And I missed the key values that were misaligned with my first husband when we became a couple in my early 20s. 

What I hear from my clients and those of my Motivated to Marry Relationship Coaches, is “I wish I had this awareness of my values and real needs years ago” or “I made dating so hard, and it doesn’t have to be” and “I’m actually having fun dating”. 

My coaching process works! And hundreds of happily coupled clients have gone through my coaching program over the last 20 years. Most are still in their true love relationship and even married. 

Now is a great time to do this work and look for your true love. People are tired of being alone and coming out in droves. I’d love to help you streamline this process and make it fun. Go to www.talkwithcoachamy.com and we’ll find a time to connect. You’ll be glad you did!