Ahhh, new love! Everything seems wonderful in the world. And Tuesday, August 16th was National True Love Day.

Even though it’s passed, I believe that when you’re a new couple you can create your own True Love Day that you can celebrate year after year.

Couple wearing matching yellow t-shirts hugging in celebration of National True Love Day.

When you create your own True Love Day, you have a great excuse to celebrate your love as a new couple. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love! You can show your partner how special they are and how much you adore them on your new holiday.

Here are some ideas to celebrate your True Love Day with your special someone:

  1. Take the day off from work and play hooky!

    Go off and do something fun. If it’s summer, you might want to rent a paddleboat and enjoy being out on the water. Go tubing or find a lakefront or beach to hang back and relax. Bring a picnic, relax and enjoy the summer breezes.

  2. Play a card or board game together.

    You’ll find out how competitive your partner is!

  3. Have a gift delivered.

    If your self-declared holiday happens to fall on a workday, you may not be able to see each other until after work. If that’s the case, you may want to send your partner a special gift.

    Besides flowers, how about having her favorite dessert delivered? Remember to have 2 forks or spoons so you can share it!

  4. Go out on the town.

    There are always great local bands playing around town. Go out and listen to one and dance to the music together!

  5. Give the gift of music.

    Find your partner’s favorite music on iTunes or Pandora or YouTube and send your special person an mp3 or video mp4 of romantic songs.

  6. Netflix and strawberries.

    Rent a romantic movie and watch it together. Make popcorn or bring some chocolate-covered strawberries with you to share.

  7. Cook a romantic dinner together.

    To set the mood, play the kind of music that puts you in the mood, and don’t forget the candles!

  8. Create an “us” photo album.

    Gather all of your great pictures as a couple and put them in either a hand-held book or on a photo slide show device.

  9. Serenade your love.

    If you’re musical and play an instrument or have a beautiful singing voice, then you can serenade your true love – near or far.

    Since they lived in different countries, one of my clients played his saxophone for his new love over Zoom!

  10. Get crafty.

    Go to a pottery studio and make each other a one-of-a-kind personally designed mug or vase! Or go to a sip and paint studio and make each other a masterpiece to always treasure!

  11. Swap chores.

    If you already live together and your partner normally takes out the trash and you usually do the dishes, you can take out the trash and your partner can do the dishes.

    It may just make you appreciate the little things you do for each other even more.

  12. Oooo Lala!

    I’ll let you figure out #12. I’ll hold you as resourceful and creative!

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration with these dozen ideas about how you might celebrate your love as a new couple on your own National True Love Day!

Wouldn’t it be nice to recognize this holiday every year? I’d love to hear how you choose to celebrate your new holiday and how it went!

And if you’d like to learn how you can set up your new relationship for long-term success, click here to fill out my get-to-know-you form and select a time for us to connect.

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