There’s daydreaming. There’s dating. And there’s successful dating.

And I’ve seen (and done) all three.

Couple staring happily into each other's eyes while snow falls around them.

As a dating coach for over 17 years, I’ve helped hundreds of singles wake up from their daydreaming and put success into their dating. One after another, these intelligent, accomplished, attractive men and women have found lasting, loving partners and spouses.

If you were to see my clients in photos, you would see a spectrum of body types, features, and ages.

What you wouldn’t see is the invisible quality that makes my most successful clients successful.

Beyond their strong sense of purpose, my clients with the most successful dating stories have one positive trait in common:


Every one of my successful clients has been willing to try again when things didn’t work out.

Clients come to me with high hopes of meeting “that special someone” within a couple months of coaching. They’re eager to get out of daydreaming mode, and they’re often not happy with the dating scene…as they have known it.

Sometimes they find what they’re looking for in that amount of time. But often their searches take them through a couple “almost, not quite” relationships before getting there.

They don’t always ride off into the sunset with the first person they date.

But they don’t give up. 

And, of all my clients over the years, it’s the ones who never give up that I admire the most.

Maybe it’s because I recognize myself in them.

I turned over every stone in search of “Mr. Forever.” And, by the time I turned 40, I was at my wit’s end.

Here I was, completely motivated to marry and have a family, but not finding Mr. Right.

Oh, I was finding men and dating. But successful dating? It wasn’t happening. The men I kept drawing to myself were the ones who didn’t follow through or weren’t commitment material.

Was I disappointed each time a new relationship (or just a first date) didn’t work out?


But did I give up? Never!

Turning 40 is what prompted me to hire a coach. I wanted to understand why I was choosing men who weren’t able to enter into a serious, committed relationship with me.

Through coaching, I learned more about relationships and, most importantly, how I was in relationship. I had blind spots and made assumptions about men. And neither approach was serving me.

But all the work I did prepared me to find the love of my life.

Today, as a (happily married) dating and relationship coach, I help my clients refine their search.  They learn the necessary skills for finding – and recognizing – the right person for them.

My clients eventually do meet that special person. The process can take 3 months, 6 months, a year, or even longer.

Being resilient, therefore, is critical.

And part of resilience is learning not to take a “no thank you” personally. Someone not choosing you isn’t rejection. It’s a release of what’s not a good fit so that you can devote your energy to finding one that is.

Respect the “no thank-you’s” for what they are – another person knowing what’s right for his/her life, just as you do for yours.

When two people do choose one another, it’s truly blissful!

If you need support and encouragement for authentic, successful dating, let’s talk.

My clients are getting ready to put forth the effort after the new year. That’s when most people make their New Year’s resolutions to get back into the dating scene (both online and in person).

This can happen for you, too – if you’re committed to finding true love and learning what it takes to be more resilient with dating disappointments.

You’ll eventually get love right!

And I’ll be on the sidelines cheering for you!

You don’t want to miss out on the New Year’s dating opportunities. Let’s get you ready for THE BEST TIME of the year to find love. 

Visit to schedule some time for us to talk.

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