Engineer smiling as he interacts with someone on an online dating site.

Successful Online Dating for Engineers

11 May 2023

I have a soft spot in my heart for engineers. Why? Well, I went to college for engineering and have a mechanical engineering degree. So it’s probably not surprising that several of my clients are in technical fields because I get engineers. And one thing I get about them is successful online dating for engineers.

I often recommend online dating for my engineer clients when they want to meet the one. There are several reasons I do so.

Engineer smiling as he interacts with someone on an online dating site.

What I find is the engineering field attracts many introverts. (I wasn’t your typical engineer, so I continued to an MBA and then life coaching!) And introverts generally don’t like going places where they don’t know anyone and usually avoid big crowds. They tend to prefer smaller, more intimate environments with trusted friends and colleagues. That makes it hard to meet new people.

Now just because people may be introverted doesn’t mean they’re socially inept. What I find is for engineers online dating is one of the best ways for them to meet their life partners. It’s a one-to-one medium and you can get to know someone from a well-written profile and active messaging. And eventually, have a phone or video chat which, if all goes well, will lead to meeting in person for a date. This approach suits those who shy away from larger social venues.

I’ve even had several male and female clients find dating sites that are oriented toward online dating for engineers. One such site is!  I had a 30-something female client who met her husband on this site. They really got each other! 

Another key to online dating for engineers is to go to the more popular sites and mention that you’re an engineer. You want someone who embraces your amazing geek side.

Sometimes people have preconceived ideas about who they want to meet based on their profession. I normally encourage my clients to broaden their search and not base it on someone’s profession, but rather on their character. That’s why it’s so important that you mention you’re an engineer in your profile. You can quickly let people disqualify themselves if they’re negatively judging engineers.

When it comes to really finding a connection, what has to line up is life goals, then your relationship values. Finally comes other compatibility issues. These compatibility issues could be things such as must like dogs, any geographic requirements, and other things that are deal breakers or must-haves. You get to decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

With the world becoming more technology-driven, having a techie in the family is a big help. I know, I married a software developer. He’s handy with hardware too!

When it comes to online dating for engineers I always encourage my engineer clients to express who they are and what kind of partner they’re looking for. I help them weed through and focus on what’s really important about the person they desire to meet. Many times, my engineer clients appreciate the practical approach to dating that I share with them.

My final online-dating-for-engineers tip is to stretch your comfort zone. Embrace your sense of adventure. Get in touch with your heart and what truly matters most to you. This seems to be the learning edge for my left-brain clients. 

So, if you’re an engineer who’s seriously searching for love or you know a single engineer who could use some guidance and knowledge in the love arena, I would be honored to see if what I have to offer is the right solution for them or you. 

Whether you want to explore how to be online dating as an engineer or other options in your comfort zone, I recommend you go to to find a time for us to connect. I look forward to hearing from you!