Relationship Advice: 7 Signs your Boyfriend (girlfriend) is not Marriage Minded!

21 December 2012

I have seen this time and time again and have experienced this myself in my dating so I am giving you this relationship advice today on 7 of the Signs that you boyfriend will not be popping the question anytime soon!

1. He has not introduced you to his family members and you have been dating for over a year!
2. He does not include you in his future plans (such as work, where he is moving, his travel)
3. He doesn’t talk about marriage and having a family at all.
4. He keeps putting off any talk about having a more serious commitment. You can’t seem to have The Talk, “Where is this going?”
5. He makes everything else as a priority in his life over you- his kids, his work, his ex!
6. He didn’t invite you to his work’s Christmas Party and people were bringing spouses
7. He planned a weekend away with his buddies and didn’t tell you about his plans to be away until the last minute.

These are just some of my relationship advice about the signs that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) IS NOT planning on taking your relationship to the next level of commitment. He or she likes the status quo. I have seen couples in this kind of relationship FOR YEARS!

What other signs that your partner is not going to take the relationship to the next level have you seen with your own relationships or with those of your friends and family?

This curious coach would love to know!

Warm Wishes,

Coach Amy

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