Woman wistfully scrolling through on online dating site wondering will I ever find true love...

Over 40 & Still Single? Do You Ask, “Will I Ever Find True Love?”

29 December 2022

For those over 40 who are still single and searching, many ask, “Will I ever find true love?” If this sounds like you, I want you to know you’re not alone. In fact, most of my clients asked themselves this exact question for way too long before they began working with me.

Woman wistfully scrolling through on online dating site wondering will I ever find true love...

And I get it. Seeing all your friends and siblings married with families can be very difficult. So, asking yourself, “Will I ever find true love?” is very normal.

However, finding an answer to this question can be really tough simply by the way it’s phrased. (Unless, of course, you have access to a working crystal ball.)

This question is disempowering. Asking yourself a disempowering question will make it even more difficult to find true love.

Instead, you need to reframe it. A better and more empowering question to ask yourself is “How do I want to experience this process of searching for and finding true love?”

When my clients ask themselves this question, things start to fall into place. They are open to becoming crystal clear that they want a life partner. They also become steadfast in meeting their goal. And when they have both the clarity and the determination, that’s when they find their perfect match.

You can do this too! But if you’re like most of my clients, there’s probably a little work to do before you have the clarity and determination you need.

So, what’s getting in your way of finding true love?

I find that the answers to this question for most people who are struggling to find love, regardless of their age, are time and leaving too many stones unturned.

Most of my clients are busy people with demanding careers, family members who need care and attention, and commitments beyond work that take their energy and focus.

Sound familiar?

Before they could successfully find love, something had to give.

As a life coach, helping my clients rebalance their time and review their priorities is all part of the process of gaining clarity.

A potential life partner wants your time and attention. They don’t want to be stuffed into the little box of 2-hours on Sunday afternoons that you have available.

When I was searching for love after my divorce at 36, I was a busy boutique owner. I was so busy that when I first met Alan, my husband, he thought I was too busy for a relationship. He’d heard about my business and all I had to do. He told me he thought to himself, “She’s too busy for me.” So, he never asked me for a second date. It was 5 years later that we met up again and discovered we were meant to be! My busyness prevented me from recognizing my true love the first time I met him.

Another thing that often gets in the way of finding true love is limiting yourself to just one or two ways of meeting people. You need to explore all your options for meeting quality people.

For example, are you dating online? Are you going out to where seriously searching singles will most likely be? Have you asked all the “connectors” in your life to introduce you to an eligible, seriously searching person who could be a good match?

As I mentioned before, when they come to coaching, many of my 40-something clients have been asking themselves, “Will I ever find true love?” And when we meet, they’ll also ask me if I think they’ll ever find true love.

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them. Your 40s and beyond are a great time to meet your true love. You’re grounded in who you are and what you want. In fact, most of my 40+ clients are successfully coupled.

Will you be next? Let’s explore that question together. I’m here to show you the way and to support you through this process. The first step is to click www.TalkwithCoachAmy.com, then fill out the questionnaire, and schedule a time for us to talk. Don’t wait too long, or you’ll miss the best time to find love — the first couple of months of the new year!