When my clients ask me for my favorite online dating success stories, it’s so hard for me to choose among the multitude of happy clients who’ve met their life partners online through the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets coaching methodology.

However, I’ll share just 4 of my favorite online dating success stories to demonstrate that my coaching for online dating works beautifully for people of different ages and life experiences.

A couple getting married is just one online dating success story's happy ending.
  1. Nina and Jessie

    When Nina came to coaching, she was in her early 40s, never married, and a college math professor! She was attractive yet she wasn’t meeting the high-quality men she was looking for because of the very limited pool of age-appropriate, eligible men in the rural New Jersey college town where she lived.

    In our private coaching, I helped her make sure her profile reflected her values and life vision.

    You see, math professors aren’t natural writers. They’re number people! So, I helped her improve her online profile by adding in the people stuff and all the great things about her.

    I also encouraged her to have a new photoshoot to make sure her photos were the best they could be. Then, when her pictures were ready, I helped her pick out the ones I felt would attract the kind of man she was looking for. (I was an image consultant in a previous work life!)

    Shortly after updating her profile, Nina met a nice professional man and fell for him. After 6 months, he showed his true colors. He wasn’t really the commitment type, despite what he promised her early on. And they broke up in November.

    Many would have dropped out of coaching after a breakup of a significant relationship. However, Nina was committed to the coaching process and attaining her goal of finding her marriage partner.

    After a few coaching sessions, she could see that her last boyfriend would never be the kind of man she truly desired. I encouraged her to get back online and try again – especially for New Year’s Day.

    And that’s the day she met Jessie. He was 49, quiet-natured, accomplished, and also never married. When he saw Nina’s profile, he knew she was the one!

    However, Nina wasn’t sure. She just wasn’t feeling it. And she met two other guys of interest at the same time.

    Through the coaching, I encouraged Nina to continue dating Jessie and give him a chance. I didn’t have a good feeling about the other guys. In fact, one seemed like a player.

    And you know what? Nina fell for Jessie within 6 dates. This is a fairly common series of events when you’re dating an introvert. It takes a bit longer for them to show their true selves.

    The other guys? Well, they turned out to be inconsistent and not very motivated. Not the type of partner Nina was looking for.

    It’s now been 7 years since Nina and Jessie married.

    What makes this one of my top online dating success stories is that Jessie was only online FOR ONE DAY – New Year’s Day! And if Nina hadn’t been online then, she would have missed him.

The next of my favorite success stories about online dating is about long-distance dating. It’s quite an amazing story!

  1. Ken and Jane

    Ken, a single dad in his late 40s, worked in Washington, DC, and had worked with matchmakers for 9 years. He knew exactly the type of woman he wanted to meet, but the matchmakers weren’t able to introduce him to even one.

    He was at his wit’s end! So, he decided to try my coaching methodology. (Many times, it’s a leap of faith to engage in my 6-month Diamond Coaching Package.)

    We started coaching in February 2020. I helped him with an online dating feedback session. I looked at his profile and made some necessary tweaks. (This is a much faster process than waiting a couple of months for a full review and edit. Since 80% of my successfully coupled clients meet from online dating, most want me to take an in-depth look and help them revise their essays on their profiles.)

    And, of course, the very next month, the Pandemic was upon us!

    Yet despite that, Jane reached out to Ken in March 2020. She was everything he was looking for. She was beautiful, heart-centered, smart, and divorced with no kids.

    And Jane lived in New Zealand!

    Because of the travel restrictions, Ken wasn’t able to visit her. So they developed their relationship over Zoom. Isn’t that amazing?

    They spent hours on Zoom doing everything together – watching movies, eating meals together, and even going to church together. I’d never seen anything like this.

    They even asked me to coach with them as a couple on Zoom. And I’ll tell you, they seemed very much in love.

    Their long-distance romance continued to grow and thrive like this through the end of the year. That’s when I received a text from Ken. It was a picture of the two of them. Jane was in DC visiting for the Christmas holidays (following appropriate protocols, of course). She was able to travel for the holidays because she was a teacher and that was her summer break!

    After the holidays, Jan returned to New Zealand and came back to visit in December 2021. (I know this because another text picture of the couple in DC popped up on my phone.)

    And the next text picture I received from Ken was in January 2022. It was a picture of them getting married.

    I was so happy to see the two of them! She’s moved to DC and they’re enjoying their life together.

Another of my online dating stories is about believing in yourself and knowing that you can find true love after divorce and when over 50, as well.

Couple enjoying a coffee date because they're both ready to start dating again.
  1. Josie and John

    Josie is a professional woman in her early 50s. She’s divorced and her kids are grown and living on their own.

    When she came to me for coaching, she told me she wasn’t having any luck with online dating. She felt frustrated with the quality of men she was meeting.

    What I noticed about Josie was her self-image was low. She shared with me that her ex had recently remarried and that made her feel even worse about herself. So, part of our coaching was to help her see that she had a lot to offer a relationship and was still a desirable woman.

    She joined my Meet Your Mate This Year group, coached with me individually and I helped her polish up her online profile.

    Within 4 months of coaching, she met John. And after 3 years in a committed relationship, they tied the knot!

    I see pictures of Josie and her husband on Facebook – living the life she always dreamed of. They’re traveling, going on vacation, and spending time with their families.

The last of my favorite online dating success stories contradicts the belief that love is only for the young. Actually, many of my boomer clients have found true love online. And I truly believe love can be found at any age. Hopefully, you’ll share my belief after reading this love story.

A mature couple dancing amongst fallen leaves basking in their long-lasting love.
  1. Kelly and Dan

    Kelly was a 68-year-old widow of 18 years when she came to be for coaching in December 2021. She had a very full life with her friends, her music (she plays the clarinet), her knitting, and her busy travel schedule. And yet, something was missing. So, she joined my coaching group and signed up for the individual coaching package as well.

    When a new client comes to coaching, it’s not unusual for them to already be dating online. Kelly took my advice and asked me to do an online profile feedback session for her before the end of the year. (I make this suggestion because January is the busiest time online.)

    And then, the very next month, January 2022, Kelly met Dan. Dan was also an active widower in his mid-70s. He lived 30 minutes away in Vermont. And he shared her love of skiing and traveling.

    Coaching helped Kelly ask for what she needed in the relationship so she could maintain her feeling of independence. She also worked on allowing Dan to be part of her life.

    Dan is the perfect partner for her. He accommodates her need for “Kelly time” and for traveling (sometimes with her girlfriends and/or daughter). He includes Kelly in his life with his family and she does the same.

    When Kelly went on a ski trip out west with her ski club last spring, he joined her for part of the trip. Then, during the summer, they traveled together to Europe. And I know they have other travel plans too.

    Their relationship is a great example of being able to create what you want once you’re clear about what you want. And in Kelly’s case, that meant feeling connected to Dan and yet still being free to live her life to the fullest.

    And I’m happy to say, they’re still going strong!

These were just a few of my favorite online dating success stories. I have so many! It really was hard to choose just four. So, I’ve decided to that’ll keep writing them and feature them in future blog posts and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you want to be one of my next online dating success stories, then let’s talk. I’m helping my clients get ready for the best times to be online – NOW in October and January as well! Go to https://motivatedtomarry.com/connect-with-coach-amy/ and let’s connect. Coaching really works!

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