Move On From Your Past And Look To Your Future!

Your past is your past. There’s not much you or anyone else, can do about it.

Perhaps you feel you’ve made some poor choices in life partners and people you’ve dated.

Maybe you’re hanging on to some past emotional baggage.

Couple riding bikes and holding hands at sunset.

I know I felt that way about my past marriage and some of the men I dated when I was single after my divorce.

However, ruminating over the past will only keep you from your future life.

And yes, understanding WHY you made those choices will help you.

I help my clients move forward with an exercise called Relationship Roadblocks.

We look at your past relationships to figure out what worked and what didn’t. This will help you gain greater awareness about yourself and your choices. Then as we dig deeper, it will become crystal clear what you truly need in a relationship for it to go the distance.

This exercise is not meant to have you dwell in the past. And it’s not therapy. It’s coaching! This is where you’ll see that you have a choice about how you think about your past relationships.

My goal is to help you design a better blueprint for attracting a much better life partner this time around if you’re divorced or had a couple of “almost, not quite” relationships. Or we’ll make sure you attract a great person for where you are in life if you’re widowed.

When you shift your “dating radar” you’ll see that you’ll be meeting better quality people for you. The kind of people who share your life vision, goals, and key relationship values.

When my clients meet that right person, it just “clicks”! They recognize this person sooner than later and move quickly to an exclusive relationship in the matter of a couple of dates – not months or years!

Just like Ray, widowed for 2 years in his late 50s, who was attracting women that didn’t have time for him. He was always trying to accommodate them and was disappointed. After coaching, he learned how to specifically communicate his needs and life vision to a potential partner.

He met his life partner online and it was an immediate connection. They’re perfect for one another and after spending the holidays with one another’s families, they recently got engaged.

Ray said that our coaching was instrumental to him meeting her. Ant that I kept encouraging him to keep going after a couple of disappointing “almost” relationships.

I’d love to help you meet that right person this New Year!

All you need to do is sign up here for your complimentary Meet You Mate Strategy session so I can learn more bout you and share my proven step-by-step coaching process with you.

I can show you how to meet your true love partner within 6 months (or less) as I’ve done for many of my clients who are fully committed to finding a true love partner.

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d be my next client to find true love?

Wishing you a love-filled New Year,

Coach Amy

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