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How To Recognize Marriage-Minded People

29 February 2024

As a Dating and Relationship Coach for those who are looking for marriage partners, I’m often asked, how does one recognize other marriage-minded people?

There are several ways my clients are taught to recognize marriage-minded people. In the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching program, I offer all the clues and insights into marriage-minded dating for a serious, committed relationship that ultimately leads to marriage.

Is this only for 20-somethings? No, this is true if you’re 30 or if you’re 70!

  • First, marriage-minded people are very open about their desire to meet someone who also wants to be married. They will share it with their friends and family that they are ready to meet the one. Because they are not shy to ask to be set up on a date with someone that their friends may know, they are more likely to meet others looking for marriage.

  • Second, marriage-minded people will write in their profile that marriage is their reason for dating. They will select that option and even put that statement at the top of their profile. Therefore, you’ll be able to easily weed-out profiles of individuals who are not marriage-minded.

  • Third, marriage-minded people invest in themselves. Because of this, they are more likely to hire a coach, or a matchmaker to help them meet the one. They don’t have time to waste and want to find the most direct path to finding their partner.

  • Fourth, marriage-minded singles will put the time and energy into this endeavor. Consequently, they report treating the search like a second job. They know anything valuable in life takes focus and effort, and therefore can’t count on just bumping into such a person.

  • Fifth, marriage-minded people will be honest and upfront about their intentions by the 3rd or 4th date. You wouldn’t want want to get your heart set on someone who doesn’t share your goal of marriage. Consequently, neither do they. In some cases, they have been down that path already and don’t want to spend years with someone, just hoping that it will lead to marriage.

  • Lastly, marriage-minded people have mostly married friends. Which may make them feel like the odd person out. They truly want to have that someone special with whom they can participate in coupled social engagements.

If you are a marriage-minded single person, and your at wits end about how to meet someone who also desires to be married to an incredible life partner, then we need to talk.

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My clients meet wonderful, marriage-minded partners all the time. There is a methodology that’s been working for 20 years, and I want to share it with you.

Let’s get you off the dating merry-go-round and into the relationship that you’ve been dreaming of.


Coach Amy