Couple in a rowboat gingerly leaning toward each other to kiss.

How to Nurture a Relationship When You Think You’ve Found “The One”

16 June 2023

The early part of a relationship when you think you’ve found “The One” can be fun and exciting. Yet, this time can also be scary and full of the unknown. If your goal is to have a relationship that will go the distance, and maybe even lead to marriage, it’s natural to wonder how to nurture a relationship.

Couple in a rowboat gingerly leaning toward each other to kiss.

These tips will help you nurture your new relationship after exclusivity is established:

  1. Find a time to connect each day.

    Ask your partner how often or how they wish to be in contact. For some, a good morning text and an evening phone call or video chat suffice. Some couples prefer to text throughout the day. Other couples feel the need to talk for at least 15 minutes just to hear each other’s voice multiple times a day.

  2. Plan fun dates and weekend trips.

    To nurture a relationship, it’s important to continue to have fun and feel like you’re still courting one another. Each of you needs to communicate what’s considered fun. Not everyone’s cup of tea is yoga class, or extreme mountain biking, or a Sunday afternoon at the ballet! 

    Also, it will serve you both to go away for the weekend to get away from everyday responsibilities. This is key to nurturing a relationship. It’s by spending time together in new situations that you’ll see how well you get along as a couple. It’ll also give you a chance to negotiate each other’s likes and dislikes in everyday situations.

  3. Talk about the future and make concrete plans for the next steps.

    When you talk about the future, your partner feels your desire to build a life together and they know they have a place in your life. This is a wonderful way to nurture a relationship.

    The first months as a couple are tenuous and doubt is sure to pop up about one’s relationship status. Talking about the future can give you both peace of mind.

    Talking about the future could include topics such as plans for travel, plans for going to family get-togethers as a couple, and eventually, living arrangements.

  4. Consider couples coaching to align your goals and desires.

    Before you met, you were two individuals with your own dreams and goals, and aligning those can be challenging for any couple. A couples coach can help you pave a path toward your intertwined future.

    A couples coach can show you how to nurture a relationship so you’re on track for a happy future together.

    I went to my coach for couples coaching BEFORE getting engaged. My husband and I found this to be very helpful in preparing us for what we needed from each other. It also taught us how to handle conversations respectfully and with deep listening when we had disagreements.  

  5. Remember to openly and frequently express why you fell in love with them.

    Some people need to hear reminders of why they’re “The One” for you. You can’t assume your person knows they’re your “One”. So, they may want and need to be reassured.

    Saying these sweet somethings is part of how to nurture a relationship. It’s a good habit to develop so you can remind your partner they’re “The One” for you throughout your relationship. Remember to keep your comments positive and authentic. And if this isn’t your “love language”, then it’s something to practice and add to your repertoire.

  6. Help one another with small (or large) home projects.

    Even though you may be in love and feel like you’re floating on air, you still need to get life’s mundane tasks done. It’s so much easier when your partner is helping you.

    I’ve helped my partner build bookshelves and I really appreciated his help to clean out the storage closet, and other organizing tasks.

    Tasks like these can be especially useful if you’re making room for him or her to move into your place!

  7. Support your partner with personal responsibilities.

    Your partner may be a single parent with kids, have a dog or cat, or have an elderly parent they care for. Having an extra pair of hands or someone to support you through these time-consuming activities is another great way to nurture a relationship.

    Perhaps your partner will take care of your dog while you’re on a business trip. Or you can bond with her child while she is taking time for herself to recharge. These opportunities are a great way to show support and develop relationships with the important people and pets in his/her life.

So, which of these ways to nurture a relationship will you take on as you’re getting to know your intended partner better? 

I recommend you try them all and see which makes a difference to your partner. And be sure to let your partner know which of these you need from them, so you’ll feel nurtured in the relationship, too. 

I wish you the best in your relationship-building journey. And if you need some support, reach out to me at My couples coaching has made a big difference in supporting many couples in building toward greater commitment and even marriage.