Happy couple who has manifested their true love.

How to Manifest True Love in the New Year

19 January 2023

Happy New Year! Most likely you’re dating online and putting some energy into it because you’re finally ready to manifest true love.

Happy couple who has manifested their true love.

When you just read the word “manifest” what came to mind for you?

Perhaps some kind of spell to conjure up your ideal life partner?

Or maybe it seems like a woo-woo idea that just isn’t you.

Yet, there’s something about focusing on what you want that helps you manifest (make real) what you want.

Tell me this has never happened to you… You want something and you focus on it – and it actually comes to fruition! That’s manifesting.

And you can manifest true love.

It starts with creating a clear vision of the kind of life and partner you want.

By being able to write down the specifics and then communicating this vision to your social network and in your online profile, you’ll start attracting the kind of person you’re seeking.

With my clients, I coach them through how to communicate their life vision to others. You see, you need to be able to share your specific life vision with a life partner.

Too many times I’ve witnessed my clients’ disappointment when they’re attracted to someone who doesn’t want the same things as they do and the relationship eventually breaks up. So much wasted time!

Then you need to be able to communicate it.

I also help my clients express the 5 to 7 characteristics they desire in a life partner. This clarity is important to distinguish between what you truly want and what you’d like to have that may not be a deal breaker.

By sharing this short list of characteristics with your close friends, family, and those “connectors” in your life, you’re improving your chances of being introduced to the right person.

And you need to focus on it.

How does this relate to manifesting true love? By narrowing your field of vision, you’re giving yourself a better shot at attracting the kind of person you’re seeking.

You’re literally asking the universe for that special person. In coaching, we call it “the compelling way”. You’re building a path to that person.

And it’s great to “lock it in” with a vision board or some kind of visual structure that keeps you focused on your goal.

For those who know me, they know me to be a practical, feet-on-the-ground kind of woman. And I’ve seen so many of my clients follow this process and meet their life partners and spouses!

This is also the process I used when I was divorced in my late 30s and seeking a new life partner with whom to have a family. I created a picture of my husband and me walking hand-in-hand at the beach and the kind of home I wanted to have – that included my cuddly cat!

When you see confirmation of something that works time and time again, you know you have a system that’s valid!

Are you open to coaching and manifesting true love in your life?

If so, let me guide you on how to do just that. No matter what you call it (woo-woo or otherwise), we can all use some guidance and support in accomplishing any goal we desire for ourselves.

Take the next step forward to manifesting true love in the New Year and go to www.TalkwithCoachAmy.com. Let’s do this together!