The dilemma is real. And the answer isn’t always as obvious as you might think. Shouldn’t it be obvious if you’re in the right relationship … or not?

If only life and love were that simple.

It’s not unusual for a client to come to me in a quandary. “We’ve been dating exclusively for over a year, but I’m just not sure if this relationship is ‘the one.’ What should I do?”

When clients present this dilemma, I can tell something’s nagging at them.

There’s something that makes them think their relationships won’t work for the long run; yet they can’t put their finger on it.

Sound familiar?

Chances are you’ve been there at least once. Most of us have.

Are you in the right relationship? And how do you know without making a huge mistake one way or the other?

If it is right, should you be swooning and seeing fireworks every time you’re together? Should you be able to say you’ve never had an argument or been angry with one another?

And, if it’s not right, should you be able to point to constant fighting or a fading interest in one another?

Again, if only life and love were that simple.

But we know they’re not. And we know that, just because two people are “nice” and have common interests, they’re not necessarily destined for the altar.

As a dating coach, I help clients be their best selves in the dating world. I coach them into a clear vision of themselves and their relationship goals.

I also teach them how to recognize the difference between a “dating experience” and “the right relationship.”

There is a lot to be learned from dating. Finding “the one” on the first try, after all, is an unrealistic expectation (although it does happen).

But putting your best self forward en route to meeting “the one” can be a clarifying and refining process. Every date and every relationship reveals more essential details about yourself. 

And that information will be indispensable when you really need to know if you’re in the right relationship.

Here’s how I approach a client who’s afraid of making the wrong decision about a serious relationship.

Asking yourself the same questions can help you figure out your own situation, even if you’re not (yet) wondering if you’re where you truly belong.

There are so many factors that go into deciding if you’re in the right relationship for considering greater commitment. It’s not an easy decision to make.

And emotions make both discernment and decisions more difficult.

Sometimes it’s better to leave a relationship in order to honor yourself and what you truly desire from life.

And yet, it’s not unusual for a couple to be in the right relationship – even the ideal relationship – and not realize it!

Even if you have clear answers to the questions above, the process of putting them together into a final decision isn’t always as clear.

If you need support and encouragement to make the “Am I in the right relationship?” decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Ask me about my “Shall I stay or shall I go?” coaching packages and pre- and post-engagement couples coaching. My pre-engaged couples can attest to the difference coaching has made in their commitment and path to marriage.

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