How to hit the Reset Button, Move Forward (& Get Over your Past Relationship!)

Do you feel stuck by your past relationships and the hurt they caused you?

Do your past relationships color your thoughts by having you believe that there are no good men or women available to date?

This is very common in people who have been dating a while with little or no success, had a recent break up of a relationship you hoped would turn into something more serious or have gone through a divorce.

How do you stay hopeful and continue to put energy into seeking your new and improved true love partner?

The New Year is a great time to hit the reset button.

Try it. Say to yourself- “This is a New Year with New Possibilities and I will be hopeful.”

So one way to move forward is just to decide to do so.

That doesn’t work for you? Ok.

Try this then:

Look at your past relationship – the one that is holding you back right now.

What didn’t work for you? Why did this relationship fall apart?

– Was it timing?
– Were you not a priority in this person’s life?
– Were your life goals not aligned?
– Did this person step on your critical relationship values?
– Did this person demonstrate a deal breaker for you, something you could not tolerate in a partner?
– Did he or she betray your trust?
– What else?

Once you can get a handle on what didn’t work for you, you then need to think about what kind of relationship you truly do want. Give yourself permission to dream about what is possible. This is the best way to get over your past relationship that has worked for many of my clients.

And don’t let those gremlins in your head tell you it’s not possible, or you are not deserving, or any other negative thoughts. You do deserve to be loved!

Repeat that to yourself every day! I deserve to be loved and find a true love partner.

When you say it daily, you will start to believe it and live it.

The way to get over your past relationship is to see it for what it truly was — a stepping stone to your future relationship.

The past is just that. It’s gone! Finito! It doesn’t serve you anymore.

All you have is today and your future.

Ready to move forward to finding your true love partner?

Draw a an imaginary line on the floor. Stand behind it. This is your past.

What are you saying NO to?

What do you want to say YES to?

When you are ready, step over that line. Congratulations!

This is your Future. Embrace it. You can move forward.

Ready to see who is out there also looking for their true love partner?

I can help. Go to Let’s find out where you are in your journey and make a plan to get you dating quality people for your future life partner.

Now it’s up to you. Do you want to stay stuck in your past and what could have been or do you want to courageously seek out a partner who wants to be in relationship with you?

Wishing you the best in Love and Life,

Coach Amy

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