How to Have a Fun Memorial Day Weekend and Meet New People to Date!

The Memorial Day weekend is soon here and we will be kicking off the summer.

This can cause much anxiety from my clients about what they will be doing during their holiday weekend.  With no love interest in sight, for some, the weekend can be a source of much apprehension.

So how can you get out of your home, do some fun activities and widen up your social circle so you can meet new people to date?

There are probably many fun things you can do this Memorial Day weekend to meet new people and expand upon your normal social circle.  This is true for all age groups.

First, you may want to look for a group that is going on a weekend trip in your local area.  When I was single, there was a group going to an adult camp in New  England.  We took a bus ride up from DC with a group of young professionals like myself in their 30’s and 40’s.  I also went to the beach with a group too.

Another great way to meet people is through a weekend retreat in a serene location offered by churches or synagogues where they combine fellowship and social activities.  In this way you can widen up your social circle with those who have similar religious beliefs.

The benefit of expanding upon your social circle is that we can meet people through other people.  Although the connections we make may not be a love interest,  these social connections may lead us to meeting our intended partner through invitations to future social events with their circle of friends.  Having an introduction is one of the top ways that people meet their mates.

Second, closer to home, you can look for some local events and activities from some social groups that you can find on Meetup and by searching the web.   Sometimes there are ski clubs that have summer activities such as bike rides, summer concerts and hikes.   There are also groups attending cultural events and lectures together.

Last, you can find a group that is focused on a shared activity or sport like golf and tennis.  (Hiking, sailing, dancing or bowling). and find out what their plans are for the holiday weekend.   I suggest you research which events these groups have scheduled for the holiday weekend either in town or as a weekend trip out of town.

The Ski Club of Washington, DC has a tennis weekend at a camp just outside of DC plus other activities such as monthly tennis parties (biking, hiking and social events too).  And I used to go to swing dance weekends out of town that were one or two hour drive out of the DC Metro area.  And most major cities have a ski clubs.  (You don’t have to ski to join, many of these clubs have other activities in addition to a social component too!)

Sitting at home with no plans this Memorial Day weekend will not have you meet new people unless you are searching the online sites for people to meet.  However, most people will make plans and have something to do even if it’s with their established circle of friends.

If you are truly Motivated to Marry, then I recommend you seek out 2 to 3 new groups this summer that are aligned with your values, interests and personality.  Try something new so you can extend your social network so you can meet new people to date.

And you can then build upon these friendships all summer long.  Moreover, meeting their friends can lead you to a love connection!

Wishing you all the best in love and life,

Coach Amy

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