Resilience keeps coming up in my coaching. It’s an important marker on the “dating growth chart” for my clients, and it’s an encouraging quality I witness in their responses to dating heartbreak.

Before & after picture of a woman grieving dating heartbreak and then in a new relationship.

If you’ve never worked with a certified relationship coach, you may have the misconception that coaching guarantees success with your first attempt. 

It doesn’t.

Finding true love is a personal journey. For some, it does happen with the first serious relationship they enter into after we begin our work together. For others, it takes a couple of potential relationships. And that’s when dating heartbreak can happen.

When you’ve worked really hard to put your best and then your best-plus self out there only to either get rejected by someone you had hoped would be “the one” or decide you can’t live with something about this person, can be really difficult to understand.

Webster defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

So how tough are you when you get the cold shoulder or the “we’re not a match” retort?

Are you still pining away for a past love, hoping for a change of heart?

Well, as Cher said with her famous slap in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!” 

What really matters is that someone values you, your efforts, and your attention. 

And, if the person you’re trying to voodoo back to you doesn’t, then please, move on!

What exactly do resilient daters look like?

One particular client, Tim, comes to mind. This 50-something divorced dad kept getting “no thank you” and “I see you as a friend” from ladies he was interested in. 

As his coach, I reinforced his fine qualities and assured him that he was going to meet a woman who would appreciate his efforts. 

I knew he had the ability to be in a loving relationship. He just needed to hang in there and catch up to believing it himself.

Eventually he did find a woman who saw him for all his great qualities…and beyond just being friends.

Dating for a serious, committed relationship takes focus and resolve. And learning to be resilient in the face of dating heartbreak is the only way to stay on track.

If you’re ready to do what it takes to find a committed, loving relationship, let’s talk.  Go to to schedule a consultation, and let’s get you on track for finding the loving

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