How Much Have You Spent on Internet Dating this Year?

A single friend of mine went back online to try  internet dating again!   She goes on has a couple of bad experiences and quits the online dating scene.  She has mustered up her gumption to try again.   I am sure she has spent hundreds of dollars when you add it up. 

So her first date was another disaster.   I asked her to tell me about the date.  What I got was what was wrong with the guy.  Also, what I heard was:

– This guy lives in the boonies and she prefers someone who lives closer to the city and enjoys doing cultural activities downtown.
– He did not share any activities she cared about.

I asked her if she put this information in her online dating profile.  She said no!  I advised her that what you put out there is what you attract and that she needed to specify the type of cultural activities that take place downtown that she enjoys.  This guy probably would not have contacted her (unless he only looks at the photo and doesn’t read the profile!). 

I have helped many of my clients meet their life partner through the online dating.   I don’t do “cute” profiles.  Many charge much less – however, it’s all in the results.  I have worked with a wide range of ages from mid twenties to early sixties that have been successful when working with me.  

How much have you spent on online dating in the last two years and not getting the results you desire?   Are you willing to invest in your love life (like you do your career) and get a professional to help you?  I spend about 5 hours for each internet dating profile I review which includes the one on one phone consultation.  

Every client who signs up for my 3 month and 5 month coaching packages or my upcoming fall tele-coaching group gets this valuable service from me of reviewing their internet dating profile.   Let me help you attract the right life partner to you.  It really works for those who are diligent and sticks with the program.  

How do you come across in your online dating profile?  Who are you attracting and do they share your values, life goals and interests? 

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these dating and relationship questions and any comments you may have on this subject.

Your relationship coach,


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